We don’t want to be playing at a decreased level of performance. So in order to play at an optimal level of performance do a little bit less now stay healthy, stay injury free and that will help with your long-term development to keep you functioning to perform at your highest level. – Dr. Nicole Surdyka PT, DPT, CSCS

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As athletes, we know injuries are part of sports, and it sucks when they happen. Even though some are unavoidable, there are things we can do help minimize our risk of injuries.

In episode 5 of the 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby interviewed Dr. Nicole Surdyka PT, DPT, CSCS. Nicole is a Doctor of Physical Therapy based in Los Angles, California. Before Nicole became a healthcare provider for athletes, she played soccer, a true passion of hers with the aspirations to follow her dad’s footsteps of competing as a Division-1 soccer player.

Even after breaking her leg playing soccer months before signing her scholarship Letter of Intent. Nicole was still able to achieve that goal of being a D-I soccer athlete at Saint John’s University playing for Coach Ian Stone.  During the recovery process, the help of a great physical therapist by the name of Sharon Wentworth of Elite Sports Physical Therapy in New Jersey helped sparked an interest that would later guide Nicole’s switch from an International Business major to Pre-med.


 [Sharon] brought me from the brink of maybe not achieving my goal I worked my whole life for, to definitely achieving it an being more successful than I probably would have been prior to the injury.


With a new direction of wanting to give back to sports and athletics after her playing days, Nicole Surdyka knew becoming a physical therapist was the path for her. Thought this episode Dr. Surdyka gives some advice on how soccers athletes can be proactive with their health to keep playing and performing at their optimal abilities.

With a mission to impact athletes and the game of soccer, Nicole is working on several projects to help reduce the injury gap between healthcare providers, athletes, and coaches.

You can check out more about the great things Dr. Nicole Surdyka at these links:

Here website: http://nicolesurdykaphysio.com/

Instagram @dr.nicolept

Twitter @NSurdykaPhysio

Facebook In The Game PT

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Jacolby Gilliam

Jacolby Gilliam

Jacolby Gilliam is the founder and publisher of 9INE POINT Mag. As a former walk-on, he realized there are so many athletes with stories that are not being heard or told for various reasons. 9INE POINT Mag was born the summer of 2017, as an athlete-driven platform to help athletes and those that support them share their stories and journey, regardless of your NCAA division, playing status, pro or semi-pro. Jacolby feels that every athlete has a journey that can inspire other athletes in the midst of theirs.
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