Don’t just trust the process, enjoy the process.

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In episode 9 of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby talks about patience. As we gear towards the launch of the first digital issue of 9INE POINT Mag on March 7th, Jacolby is starting to realize how impatient he can be.

This form of impatience has stopped him from enjoying so many moments as an athlete because he was always thinking about the end results instead of the journey to get there.

This episode is short and sweet. Enjoy the journey as we work towards our dreams. That way went that day comes we can all look back and see how far we have come in the process.

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Jacolby Gilliam

Jacolby is the founder and publisher of 9INE POINT Mag. As a former walk-on, he realized there are so many athletes with stories that are not being heard or told for various reasons. 9INE POINT Mag was born, as a platform to help athletes and those that support them share their stories and journey, regardless of your NCAA division, playing status, pro or semi-pro. Jacolby feels that every athlete has a journey that can inspire other athletes in the midst of theirs.
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