Imagine being one of the lucky thousands who get to watch the Super Bowl in person. Right there in the stadium. In the flesh. The roar of the crowds all around you. Experience every completed pass and every touchdown. You can have all this, without paying the typical rip-off prices for a Super Bowl ticket.

OK. So maybe you’re not a football fan. Perhaps hockey, baseball or basketball is more your thing. We get it. That is why you can potentially get your hands on the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA Basketball Finals tickets too.

Star Athlete Giving Back To Fans

Former UCF standout guard AJ Rompza and his partner Doug Chartre set up Ticket Score to offer fans and athletes access to the competitive big game ticket marketplace. Driven by the desire to see loyal fans pay a fair price to see their favorite teams play, Ticket Score has evolved into an active marketplace driven by fan-passion.

Why Ticket Score Is Such a Great Idea

Demand for tickets is high and the chances you will land a ticket to the finals very slim just like finding a needle in a haystack. If you manage to get one on the resell sites, you should prepare to part with a small fortune. Daylight robbery if you ask us. However, that is the old way of doing things. Ticket Score introduces you to a modern, fairer way of improving your chances at landing tickets at face price.

How Ticket Score Improves Your Chances of Paying Face Value Prices

Super Bowl prices make the live experience of the Super Bowl just a dream for millions of faithful followers like you. Ticket Score gives you the golden opportunity to go to the big game and cheer your team on.

Finally, the Super Bowl is a less a dream and more a possibility. With Ticket Score, you purchase the option to back your team all the way to the Super Bowl. The process is simple. Pick your team and commit to paying a small weekly amount. If your team makes it all the way to the Super Bowl, you get tickets at face value.

The great news is that this is not just for the Super Bowl. It works the same whether you’re a Warriors fan seeking tickets for the NBA Finals or a Washington Capitals fan whose dream is to watch the Stanley Cup Final in person.

Ticketing Partnerships for Your Benefit

So how can we guarantee face price tickets if your team makes the finals? Simple. We partner with the primary event ticketing agents and receive ticket allocation at face value. We merely offer these tickets to you without the exorbitant markup other ticket sellers charge.

Our partners include some of the big names in event ticketing, including Ticketmaster, TickPick, TicketCity, Symantec, and Fanatics.

So are you going to take your chances and pay an arm and a leg to watch your team if they reach the Super Bowl? Or are you going to with the wiser option? With Ticket Score, you even out the odds of paying a fair price for your ticket. Your team will have to put in the hard work and make it there. If they do, you know you will have a guaranteed ticket, at a fraction of the cost.

Put your money behind your team, and you may just make the dream of watching the Super Bowl a reality.

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