“The message is it doesn’t have to be a sport you can do whatever it is you work towards and really passionate about. You just have to put time into and be dedicated” – Gazmine”GG” Mason

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In episode 36 of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam talks with 3x Olympic gold medalist and First African American to win singles gold medals during World
Youth Championships Gazmine “GG” Mason about her journey. A journey that started with a last placed trophy that she earned from a competition that her parent displayed in their house.

As a young athlete, Gazmine started out competing in all sports. She earned the nickname “Got Game,” and it stuck. Once she realized bowling would be her way to getting a college scholarship she went all in. Achieving success despite adversity through all level Gazmine Mason found herself among the elite level of bowlers.

GG is making a push to elevate the game of bowling to allow future bowlers to have the same opportunities as traditional sports like basketball and football. This ambition and passion lead her to start her business Got Game LLC. You can find GG making people laugh, speaking to youth and empowering bowlers to innovate the future of their sport.

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