“I think that is how I slowly began to realize like those dreams slowly started becoming reality is like you just keep leveling up.” – Matt Mounier

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In episode 41 of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam talks with Matt Mounier from D3 basketball player and current creator of the Transitioning Athlete Playbook,  Host of The Untold 98 Percent Podcast and the Chronicles of a D3 Athlete about his journey.

Matt walks us through his athletic journey from being the athlete that new he had to find his niche to achieve his basketball dreams of playing in college. He had to be the scrappiest the one that made the hustle plays and it paid off landing him at Whitman College.

Once it was time to cross that stage. Matt like most athletes found himself in a limbo of what do I do now and how. This journey in life after sports is what led Matt to what he is doing today helping other athletes in this transition to prepare for life once their playing days are over with his Transition Athlete Playbook to his podcast The Untold 98 Percent.

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