“My mother calls me. She’s like John you’ll never guess who just called a house. I’m like who like the Indianapolis Colts just called the house. I said for what? She said, they said you don’t have an agent on file so nobody knows how to get in contact with you. This dude never turned in my paperwork to the NFL never turned in my paperwork to the NFL bro on everything my mama come down here and tell you I’m like what! Dude, I missed over ten fifteen million dollars messing with his dude.” – Jonathan Wells

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In episode 46 of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam talks with Jonathon Wells former running back for the Houston Texans & The Ohio State Buckeyes and now media entrepreneur helping military veterans share their stories about his journey.

In this conversation, Jonathon walks us through his journey and how he found the game of football during a dark time in his life and it became his outlet. An outlet that he used to his advantage while playing high school football for John Curtis Christian winning three state titles; ultimately leading a scholarship to The Ohio State University.

The journey wasn’t all smooth sailing; Johnathan had to earn his way on to the field especially his senior year with new head coach Jim Tressel. The NFL was always the goal but getting drafted wasn’t a storybook day as he expected it to be. A lot took place in those few years and a decision that guided J Wells to look outside the league to own a record label. So much value can be taken away from Johnathan Well’s journey to now how he is using his platform to create a media company that is about giving back helping Military Veterans and NFL veterans share their stories.

Johnathan’s story is one for any athlete no matter where they are on their journey. Connect with Jonathan Wells and follow his journey on social media.



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