I hold the phone up and I’m like hello, like expecting like good news.I don’t know why I was expecting goodnews, but he’s like Megan you have multiple pulmonary embolisms in both lungsand blood clot off of the main pulmonary artery.I’m sending an ambulance to come get youand you’re going to be in the hospital and I was like what? – Megan Henry, Team USA Skeleton Athlete

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Ep.80 Surviving Blood Clots – The Athlete Mentality and Journey of Megan Henry, Team USA Skeleton Athlete

In episode 80, of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam talks with Team USA Skeleton Athlete, Megan Henry about her journey. In this episode, Megan shares her athletic journey and the underdog mentality she developed to always keep pushing.

Megan’s ambition led her to compete in both Field Hockey and Track & Field during her career as a collegiate student-athlete. Megan’s athletic journey and health took turn when she found out that she had blood clots in her lungs. What could have been a moment to call it a quit. Megan decided in her mind that she will bounce back from this.

Race after race Megan has become an inspiration. There is still more as she aims for World Championship and the Winter Olympics. When’s is not racing you can find Megan speaking and raising awareness about blood clots.

The thing that I love about sportsand competing and being an athlete is that there’sso much that you learn as a person about yourself in terms of like growingand Reaching Your Potential and personal development.It is never over.

Connect with Megan to follow her Skeleton career, journey and to learn more about the National Blood Clot Alliance at the following links below.

Megan Henry’s Instagram


Facebook Page

National Blood Clot Alliance



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