Ankle Eversion Sprain – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

An ankle eversion sprain occurs much less compared to the inversion ankle sprain but it can still happen. The injury affects your ankle joint and is mostly suffered by athletes. We will tell you all you need to know about the condition and how to go about treating this sprain if you or your loved ones are ever affected by it.

Are you a footballer, runner, judo fighter or a cyclist? Do you know that most of the movements you perform in each of the sports listed above require your ankle joint to be in top form? Do you also know that ankle eversion sprain can prevent you from participating in sports for quite some time?

While you are taking time to think about the questions asked above, please read more and make sure you are taking care of your ankles.

What Is Ankle Eversion Sprain?

An ankle eversion sprain is a condition that occurs when the ligaments and the other soft tissues around your ankle joint become An ankle eversion sprain is a condition that occurs when the ligaments and the other soft tissues around your ankle joint are damaged or torn.damaged or torn.

An ankle eversion sprain is simply the tear of one of the important ligaments in the ankle joint.

Although an ankle eversion sprain rarely occurs, when it does, it is very painful and has a severe impact on the person affected.

Causes Of Ankle Eversion Sprain

Listed below are some of the causes of ankle eversion sprain:

  • Sports Injuries: Ankle eversion sprain can occur in sports that require constant contact between the foot of a player and the ball such as football.
  • Fall: The ankle could become everted as a result of a fall. Falling from a very high spot could sprain your ankle and even fracture other bones around the ankle in the process.
  • Accident: A direct force to the ankle during an accident could result in ankle eversion sprain.

Signs And Symptoms

  • You feel a sudden onset of intense ankle pain.
  • You can see a bump or deformity in your ankle. This is because the sprain has fractured one of your bones.
  • It becomes very difficult to stand or walk using the affected ankle.
  • You can hear a tearing sound in your ankle after the injury
  • Pain at the back, front or sides of the affected ankle.
  • Numbness in the affected ankle.


  • For first aid, you can rest the ankle, apply ice to the sprained surface, compress the injured surface and elevate your leg.
  • Medical History and Physical Examination: In the medical history, the Doctor will ask you some questions regarding the pain you have been feeling from the sprain and will proceed to examine you afterward.
  • Investigation: The Doctor may request for an X-ray, MRI or CT scan to confirm his diagnosis and to see if there is an associated fracture.
  • Treatment: The Doctor will immediately place you on drugs (usually painkillers) to relieve the pain you might be feeling.
  • Depending on the severity of the injury, the Doctor might refer you to a Physical Therapist for rehabilitation or a Surgeon for definitive treatment.
  • Please do not return to any intense physical activity until the Doctor says it is safe to do so.

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