Bicep Stretches To Relieve Arm Tension and Soreness

There is nothing like seeing a guy with bicep muscles so tight that he cannot even straighten his arms. You do not want that to be you because having strong biceps but never do proper bicep stretches. You want your muscles to be able to go through their normal range of motions because if they cant and you suddenly need them to you may suffer an injury. A lot of people suffer bicep tears due to not taking care of the muscles yet always continuing to add more load to them.

What is The Cause of Tight Biceps?

Bicep Stretches

  • Males doing a lot of curls for the girls
  • Heavy lifting of any nature
  • Moving or lifting a lot of furniture
  • Grappling sports
  • Not stretching the biceps after strenuous work

Why is It Important to Do Bicep Stretches?

The biceps are probably the last muscles you think to get treatment on or to stretch yet you use them on a regular basis. Even if you live a pretty sedentary lifestyle, your biceps still get used. You cannot lift anything or pull anything towards you without the muscles.

If you are someone that plays sports or workout on a regular basis, it is almost a guarantee that you need to do bicep stretches. The bicep is connected to the shoulder, so when it gets incredibly tight, it can negatively affect shoulder movements.

Bicep Stretches You Can Do

Lying Chest Stretch

  • Stretches the chest, bicep, and shoulder
  • When the wrist is put in an extended position
  • Stretch the arm line from the sternum to the wrist
  • It is essential that you do bicep stretches that stretch multiple connecting muscles at once

Bicep Stretches

Human Basket Bicep Stretches

  • Stretches the front line of the body
  • Surprisingly is a great bicep stretch
  • Key is to keep elbow locked at all times
  • To increase stretch lift feet higher

Bicep Stretches

Forearm Flexor Stretch

  • Stretches the wrist flexors
  • Important because when the bicep flexes the forearm flexors often do as well
  • Put pressure on fingertips and sit back on heels to increase the stretch

Bicep Stretches - Forearms

When to See a Professional For Your Bicep

If you feel like the bicep stretches are not working because your biceps are too tight, you should see a sports medicine provider. They will be able to evaluate you and come up with an effective gameplan to relieve the tension. Healthcare providers will be able to palpate your entire arm and relieve spots with the most tension. The type of providers you can work with include the following:

How to Find The Best Providers Local to You?

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