CNN Health and How to Deal With Critical Health News

It is one thing to turn on CNN and take in politics but when you turn into a segment of CNN Health, and it blasts some information that worries you what do you do? How in the world do you deal with critical health news when it could be life threating or affect your family? It is an important question to ask. You can take in information about politics, and it will not harm you as directly as misinformation about your health. Netflix came out with a documentary called “What The Health” and that one documentary made so many people go Vegan. That is the power of the media; it can change lives in an instant whether the information is right or wrong. CNN Health is always dumping critical health news on the world, and it is time you learn what to do with it.

The Problem With CNN Health

The biggest issue with news today is that because of social media it is always about speed. Speed means you have to get a tip, go to sources and get that information out as quickly as possible. If you are not able to do this, then you lose, and someone else gets the juicy story. You then have reporters within an organization competing to get the first story.

All of this desire to be the fastest means that accuracy goes down the drain. It is easier to be right most of the time and post a few stories that you have to feel sorry for later. When the information is from CNN Health though it could be a life-altering incorrect story. When you are talking about life and death with this critical health news, we need to do better. It is silly to expect the news stations to do better. They have one job, and that is to make money, and the best way to do that is to make people worry that there is a threat.

The Wrong Way to Process Critical Health News

First, we will look at what most people did with the documentary What the Health. The film made many claims about the meat market and how it is an evil industry. They stated that eggs are just as bad for you as smoking. That was one of the headliners from the documentary that had people changing their entire diets.

Where people go wrong is that they hear information and they believe it must be right because it is on TV. We have become lazy as a society, and we don’t want to research and check anything anymore. We are not willing to run tests or experiments and learn for ourselves. If we see in on social media, we share and tell others. Forget trying to figure it out for ourselves or ask some people we trust to verify the information. We all know people in a lot of different fields. If you know a nurse or a nutritionist why not ask them what they think. Gather as much information on the topic as possible.

The crazy thing with this example is that it not even on CNN Health which can pump out news information much quicker than a documentary on Netflix. At least with a film, it takes time to develop and go over your sources and information. With CNN Health no such work has to be done before a story is published.

The Right Way to Process Critical Health News

First Use Common Sense

One of the first things we need to do is use our brains. We refuse to think sometimes and its because thinking takes up calories. Our brains consume a lot of energy, so it is much easier to turn it off altogether. Not thinking does not serve you in any way because that means you will allow CNN Health to think for you. How can you ever process critical health information the right way if you do not think for yourself?

Block Out All Comments and Opinions

You have to stop looking to what everyone else is saying on the matter because it does not help. We love to follow the masses, but we never think about how other people may just be following the masses. If the blind keep leading the blind eventually we all walk off of a cliff.

Take some time to avoid going on social media and reading what people have to say for a bit. Avoid getting in discussions until you understand what position you hold and why because those things will sway your decision making.

Check Sources

A simple thing that you can do is check sources an agendas. Is there a specific reason that CNN Health or whoever else has chosen to publish this information? Is someone getting paid or a kickback in any way? Often if you follow the might dollar closely enough, you start to see some shady dealings.

Ask Some People In The Field That You Know

We all have a personal connection to people int he healthcare industry. Check with your friends who are doctors, nurses, chiropractors, nutritionists or any other related field. These people are in the middle of healthcare they are continually learning about new ways to do things better. See what they say the latest is and what should be done.

If you ask ten different healthcare providers and they all say the same thing that tells you something. If they seem to be divided on the topic that gives you another set of information. The key is to keep digging until you find out what is right for your situation.

Read a Book On The Topic

One of the best things you can start doing is your self-learning. Buy some different books with opposing views and understand both sides a lot better. It is easy to jump to conclusions, but it is hard to be patient and learn more before you make a choice.

Reading books are a great way to avoid just reading articles. We have a tendency when on the net to try and find information that confirms what we believe and just consuming that over and over again to convince ourselves we are right. Buying a book means spending money to learn so you are going to think a bit more about what you choose to consume.

Give Time for More Information To Come Out

In all of this research that you are doing, you are giving CNN Health or any other news source a chance to correct themselves. If they did put out wrong information, maybe they come out and say so. If you react to the news all of the time, then when stories are retracted you are not able to retract your life and the changes you made based on wrong news.

Make a Decision

The last part becomes the most straightforward part when you have done your homework. Make a choice based on what you think the best move. At this point, you can now be much more confident because you are making an informed decision and not just a knee-jerk reaction like what most people do. That is how you handle critical health news that comes from places like CNN News.

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