Fascia Blaster – is it the Real Deal or a Fraud?

The fascia blaster by Ashey Black is the new raving product that everyone is talking about. Ashley discovered that the truth about cellulite and how to remove the awful look that makes many women self-conscious around the world. She found that cellulite is developed from restricted fascia, so she developed a tool that helps to reduce the restriction. Her product has created a movement and women around the world are raving about this product but has some people wondering if the product is the real deal or if it is a fraud.

Fascia Blaster – The Real Deal

The fascia blaster does work. The reality of how good the product seems comes down to how well it is marketed, but we will get to that later. The product can seem too good to be true because of it claiming to be the first thing capable of doing this. The marketing tactic works because a lot of people are unaware of how fascia works.

Explaining fascia is most comfortable when you think of an orange peel.

  • Peel = Your Skin
  • White stuff under the skin = Fascia
  • The Orange = Your muscle

Fascia Blaster

Now that you have the visual you should know that all of your muscles and connective tissue and organs are wrapped in fascia. They say the body has over 600 muscle, but in reality, you have one set of connective fascia with over 600 pockets for tissues. The body is just one interconnected life force.

When you can understand how fascia works, it makes perfect sense how fat can often be disturbed due to the fascia. Fascia is right under the skin and covering all of your muscles meaning that fat is also touching this fascial network. If the fascia starts to become restricted the fat will as well, and it will cause the fat to clump together creating the visual effect of cellulite.

Cellulite Fascia Blaster

Benefits of The Fascia Blaster

Reduce Pain

The pain reduction is real because if the fascia is restricted, it is also restricting muscles. Fascia is all connected, and because of that, a tight calf can create tightness in the lower back. The reason this happens is that adhesions in the fascia pull on the fascial network and that causes strains in other areas. If you have painful muscles, or even if you are an athlete, the fascial blaster can be a huge help. There is nothing deceiving about this statement regarding the product.

Remove Cellulite

The big seller an the reason the product is a hit with so many women is because of the ability for the fascia blaster to remove cellulite. Cellulite is often detested by women so when they see cellulite; they want to do what they can to get rid of it. The facia blaster helps to remove the restrictions that cause fat to bunch together instead of being more pliable and moving freely.

Accelerate Recovery

For the body to recover after stress or a workout it needs to have blood flow to the area. The more blood, the better. This is the reason that many athletes often get massages after hard workouts. The goal is to improve blood circulation to help remove toxins and recover fast. The Fascia Blaster helps in moving the tissue and helping to stimulate blood circulation similarly.

Increase Flexibility

As stated earlier, muscles will not be able to move through their full range of motion when the fascia is restricted. The reason for this is because the fascia surrounds the muscles and connective tissue. Think of putting a piece of meat in a plastic bag. If the plastic bag is restricted, the meat will not be able to move correctly. The same is true when your facia is restricted! The fascia blaster can 100% increase flexibility.

The Fraud of The Fascia Blaster

The fraud of the fascia blaster comes from two different places. The first being that it is a band-aid product, and secondly in the fact that it is not doing anything new. The reason the product is such a hit is that it has excellent marketing for the product. It has been packed well, and they have gone after the perfect target market in women. If you think about all of the benefits mentioned above, the Fascia Blaster does not provide any benefits that athletes do not need on a regular basis. Athletes have not been using the Fascia Blaster since the beginning of sports.

1. The Fascia Blaster is Not Attacking the Root Issue

The reality is that people have cellulite not just because their fascia is restricted but also due to additional fat. Getting the fascia blaster is a great starting point, but it is not solving the real issue at hand. If you really do not want to have cellulite, you need to make some lifestyle changes.

  • Workout hard daily
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Get treatment from professionals to improve posture and fascia health
  • Drink more water
  • Eat less sugar
  • a Find reason to walk more

2. The Fascia Blaster is Nothing New

There is a tonne of different healthcare providers out there that specialize in facial therapies. Things like fascial stretching, myofascial therapy, and FAT tools that all can help with mobilizing fascia. These techniques and therapies have been around for years.

The problem is that they do not have fancy marketing campaigns like the Fascia Blaster to increase awareness. Many people have no idea that many of the following providers can help their overall health.

How to Find Healthcare Providers That Can Do More Than the Fascia Blaster

9INE POINT Health is a great place to start your search. 9INE POINT Health lets you search for healthcare providers based on skill, and it is the only tool that allows this. If you are specifically looking for facial work, 9INE POINT Health can help you find the best local options.

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