I Am In Great Pain Please Help Me – Here is What to Do

It is never a great feeling to have to enter I am in great pain please help me into a search engine. The reality is though that we all feel great pain sometimes in one form or another. The most important thing is that we also dare to get help and do something about it and you have done that. The first thing you need to know is that nothing bad lasts forever and that includes the pain that you are in. We are going to make sure that you have all of the resources you need to get through this. No more needing to search I am in great pain please help me.

Guide For When You Search I Am In Great Pain Please Help Me

Physical Pain

If you are in physical pain, the first thing you must consider is if you are in an emergency situation. If you are feeling an immense amount of pain or you are genuinely fearful for your life, get off the computer and dial 911 right now. It is better to be safe than sorry. Things like organ pain, trouble breathing, blacking out, constant vomiting, are all reason to go to get medical attention.

Physical pain can come in many other forms that are not emergency situations. It could be from athletic injuries, gut health issues, neurological problems and many other issues. The problem with musculoskeletal problems and nonlife treating pain is that getting emergency care will often be a waste of time and money.

The best way to work on getting help for physical pain is to look at a more holistic health approach. 9INE POINT Health will help you find a healthcare provider to match your needs. If you know what type of provider you want or the skill set you are looking for 9INE POINT is the only database that lets you search for the best local options. If you are not sure what you even need, 9INE POINT Health can help you figure that out.

A holistic approach to medicine is about treating the whole person. What this means is that a provider is not just looking for one pain point. They are trying to help you be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, socially so that you are balanced. Where a doctor may give you pills, a pill will not solve the cause in many instances.

Other Fixes for Physical Pain

Working Out – An easy way to improve mood and your physical well being over the long run is to workout daily. A lot of people do not workout because it takes energy and work. Another reason people don’t work out is that they hate the feeling of being sore.

You were not made to move as little as you currently do. Sitting at computers, stating on our phones and watching TV all day is not going to produce your happiest self. Moving and being out in nature is what you were made to do and it is what you need to do more than anything else. It may be weird to think the answer to searching I am in great pain please help me, to be working out which sounds like it will put you in more pain. For some, it is the perfect antidote.

Rest – Sometimes you are in physical pain because we do too much. You are always looking for the next thing and a way to pack more into your schedule. The reality is that maybe the best thing for you is to slow life down and do less.

Rest is a good thing. It gives you a chance to recovery both physically and mentally. There is a reason that world class athletes do not train seven days a week. They need a break, and if they need a break, you need a break as well. You need time to reflect, and physical pain is often just your body letting you know that rest is in store.

Stretching – One of the most underrated ways to improve the body is to begin stretching on a regular basis. The body gets tight from activity, bad posture, overtraining, sitting too much and just stress. By stretching, you are not only allowing these muscles to relax, but you are teaching your body to de-stress and breathe appropriately at the end of your days. Here is a resource to help you build a stretching routine.

Emotional/Mental Pain

Mental and emotional pain is a little bit hard to treat and if you have any suicidal thoughts here is an excellent resource for you. If you have been dealing with emotional pain, there is nothing wrong with getting some help. The best thing you could do for yourself is to find a trained professional.

Types of Emotional Pain

  • Depression – also known as the “blues” which is feelings of hopelessness and not being able to enjoy things you once enjoyed
  • Grief – dealing with loss
  • Lonlinesness – Feeling abandon, uncared for or like you don’t have anyone to support your social and emotional needs
  • Thinking on Past Mistakes – Living in the past can produce feelings of sorrow and regret
  • Failure – When taking in the wrong way failure can lead to depression and feelings of not being good enough

Resources For When You Search I Am In Great Pain Please Help Me

Resources for Physical Pain 

  • 9INE POINT Health -Find sports medicine professionals
  • WebMD – Learn about illness and injury and what you can do about them

When You Need Emotional Support 

Remember to Take a Holistic Approach to Your Pain

No matter what you decide to do, remember to heal your entire self. You cannot heal emotional pain the same way you treat physical pain. Sometimes you get physical injuries that create emotional scars. Both have to be dealt with to be whole. Sometimes spiritually we experience problems, or socially we are not where we need to be. Health is not one dimensional, and you should approach trying to get your entire being to be healthy.

Video Resources For When You Search I Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me

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