Why Novel Training Can Be The Key To Getting You Out Of The Rut

The power of novelty is something that is funny enough novel to many across the globe. But to be specific, we are going to look at novel training in the strength and conditioning industry.

The same ways of training the same movements involved in training have become stale. Yes effective but stale. No one is going to say squats do not improve a myriad of traits both in aesthetics but also performance.

The argument I am placing at the table is that introducing new training stimuli can be the difference between further improvements whether it becomes of the stimulus itself or because you are challenging your client or athlete to do something they have never laid their eyes on before.

As human beings we love challenges, as much as everyone says they hate change I believe this to be a fallacy and here is why. You do not like change that stares and changes your core beliefs. You do however enjoy change that improves those core values. I believe change is a matter of perspective as opposed to a blanket statement.

In the fitness industry, there are some “mainstays” in both the weight room as well as the cardio room. You know the bench press, the squat rack, the bicep curls, the leg press, the treadmill, and the stepper.  It is important to remember I am not bashing this what-so-ever. They are effective and work for what they are made for. I am simply going to lay out some new things you can look at adding to your training, your client’s training, as well as your athlete’s training.

Functional Training. Yeah, You Read That Right!

Functional training has exploded onto the scene lately, and it is great. It is providing an alternative to the commercial gym training for those that what to introduce new movements into their training and learn new way and styles of training. The reason I call it functional training is simply because it is fun.

Novel training is new; it generally involves both cardio output at the same time as strength. Not to mention it can almost always be directly related to what we do in our day to day lives which is exactly what most people care about.

You know that 45-50-year-old father who needs to do the snow shoveling but just is not in the greatest shape and ends up hurting himself would greatly benefit from this style of training.

Let’s break down some ways in which functional training can help the professional as well as the average joe!

Novel Traning Increasing GPP Means Increasing Function

When you increase the body’s ability to move, especially move in a loaded fashion you are always going to increase the function of the person especially if they are taught properly and programmed using movements that are training the entire body at the same time.

Movements including sled drag, kettlebell swings, farmer’s walks, etc. are all great ways in which to increase your general physical preparedness.

This style of training is something that can be done almost daily as long as the load is moderated from low intensity to high intensity depending on the person who is completing the training.

Look for detailed articles breaking down GPP in the future.

Novel Training Increases GRIT

Training in a functional manner requires a lot of hard work, minimal rest, and extreme concentration.

All of these factors will require you to increase your ability to deal with discomfort both on a physical level as well as on a psychological level. Most Functional training is novel which is only obstacle to navigate; they are also usually high intensity considering the amount of volume being asked of the participant and that combination can pose a great barrier.

Breaking this barrier is going to make the client or athlete feel great about themselves as well as set them up for gaining what I consider the most important aspect of anyone mentality, and that is GRIT.

Being able to grind through hard workouts, not because you’re being told to but because you want to is the ultimate goal. You want to improve and if having to go through this particular hardship at that particular time is going to get you there then bring it on. That is the type of mindset I want all my athletes to have!

Novel Training Creates An Open Mind

An open mind in life is a great thing, and it does not skip the fitness industry either. There are many purists in this industry that believe the basics are the be all and end all to training. Everything else is simply wrong and useless.

That is a toxic mindset. We are not the first people to use these functional tools. Many of them have been used for thousands of years for physical fitness. We are simply bringing them back from the brink to utilize their effectiveness.

This style of workouts is novel training. Novel training and anything with the word novel generally gets a stigma associated with them. Simply because of the lack of knowledge about the tools that are being used. This is ignorance as well as closed minded thinking. The hope is that those that coach this style of training can open the minds of their clients to new things that may just be fun, stress relieving, and incredibly effective for them as individuals.

Hopefully, a success if this area will get them to spread the word. Again I am not bashing the strength training aspect. I am simply stating there is something else out there that can be done for fitness!

Have Fun With Your Novel Training

More important than anything is fun. You want to make anything you do in your life as much fun as possible. Making the best of every situation should be the key to all aspects of this life. The gym should not be a chore. It should be a privilege. Something you get great benefits from. Not something you should shy away from because it is just so damn hard. There is a difference between hard work that is tedious and hard work that creates a sense of accomplishment.

If you are having a great time doing the “conventional” style of training, then please do it! There is nothing wrong with it what so ever. However, if you find just going and lifting weights and running or walking on a treadmill to be boring and unfulfilling. By all means, keep that open mind and find whatever it is that makes you happy in the gym. The things you find pleasure in are going to be the things you overindulge usually. If that is doing unconventional movements to get your gym time in then by all mean to do that!


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