Ryan Shazier Injury – What Happened and How Is He Now?

The Ryan Shazier Injury story shook up the football world. He suffered a horrible back injury in a game against the Bengals in December of 2017. It was a stark reminder of the dangers faced by those who play football. It is also a reminder of the courage many of these players genuinely have. The Ryan Shazier recovery story has been nothing short of amazing.

Whenever you see anything like the Ryan Shazier Injury, you can’t help but pray to God that the player is not paralyzed. Not being able to walk for the rest of your life seems like a high price to pay for an NFL career but it is the reality for some people.

The Ryan Shazier Injury

Ryan Shazier Injury

The Ryan Shazier Injury was the result of a tackle that was lead with the head. It easily could have been a proper form tackle, but it is not always possible to do that in football with how fast the sport is.

Right after the hit he fell straight to the ground and was grabbing his back with both hands. His legs seemed not to be moving, and it did not look good at all. In the NFL when you see a player going on a stretcher, it is never a good thing, and nothing was different with the Ryan Shazier Injury.

You could see the concern that players on both teams had for him as he lay on the ground with his hands covering his face.

What We Know About The Ryan Shazier Injury Now

Shazier is still young and has made two pro bowls in four short seasons in the league, and he has full intention of returning to the league. His injury is called spondylolisthesis and it is a pretty common sports injury, but he had a very severe version of it.

The injury is when vertebrae slips out of place and slides forward on the one below it. The damage usually happens when there is some disc degeneration going on, but it can also occur from strong impacts or fractures. Football players, weightlifters, and gymnasts are at the most significant risk of this injury.

Otherwise, the Steelers and Shazier have been pretty tight-lipped about the specifics of what happened to him. This is the same league that has covered up thousands of concussions, so there is no surprise there.

Will There Be a Ryan Shazier Injury Comeback?

No one can know for sure if he will be able to come back. He has a long way to go. If you look on his social media, he has posted videos of him walking. He also walked out on stage to announce the 2018 draft pick for the Steelers.

How cool is that? Even if he does not play, he is still a huge inspiration because he is going into Physical Therapy every day and working his butt off to be able to play again. If does not get that chance you know for sure he will be able to walk and live a healthy life again, and that still counts for much more than football.

Lessons From The Ryan Shazier Injury

Ryan Shazier Injury

All of this is pointless if you do not learn something from this whole story. There are so many lessons that we can take away and improve our lives today.

Don’t Take Sports For Granted

You are always one injury away from your career being over. One event away from death, so you need to be thankful for all that you have. Be thankful you can see, read and walk because not everyone can say that and they are still may be thankful.

You can be having the greatest season of your life, and all you need is one thing to happen to you and throw all of that off. Keep working every day as you could lose it all at any moment.

All Healthcare is Not Made Equal

When you see guys like this coming back from injuries you have to understand that they seek the best of the best help. You need to do the same as well. Every doctor is not made with the same skills. Your health is all you have. You can always make money back but once your health is out the window that is it.

One reason 9INE POINT Health is changing the game is that the platform is helping people to make smarter choices with healthcare. The first option should not just be rushing into surgery or taking drugs. Great healthcare providers help you explore less invasive options first.

Mind Over Matter

The best thing about this story is that he has set his mind on coming back. He is improving at a crazy rate because he knows that the human brain is powerful. If it is used right, it can accomplish anything. Never forget that in your own life. The Ryan Shazier Injury reminds us that we have to decide what we want and then wake up every day and GRIND until we get it!

Technique Matters

The last learning point from the Ryan Shazier Injury is that proper form makes a difference. If he had tackled that guy with the proper form, he might have been able to avoid such a severe injury.

It does not matter what sport you play. There is a right and wrong way to get things done. If you do things the right, you will see fewer injuries, and you will use less energy to get more results. That is a win-win!

Finding The Best in Sports Medicine For Problems Like the Ryan Shazier Injury

9INE POINT Health lets you search for providers by type and skill. For example, you can look for a Physical Therapist that specializes in back injuries. It does not matter what kind of provider you need, 9INE POINT Health can help you find them and help you to sort through their skills.

If you are unsure where to start your journey, 9INE POINT Health will ask you questions and help you figure out the best starting place. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and 9INE POINT Health will connect you with the type of provider best suited for your needs. It does not matter if you are injured or just sore from killing workouts.

The platform makes it easy to compare health providers as they are all given a 9INE POINT Number. Once you are shown the best local options, how do you know which is the best? Reading bios and reviews is just not enough because you need more than that. Just like you need more info on the Ryan Shazier Injury, you need to figure out more about your healthcare provider.

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