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Starting Stretching – The Guide to Get Started

The key when starting stretching is to let go of the idea that stretching is just bending down and touching your toes. Stretching is much more than doing the splits or a warm-up before activity. Stretching is maintenance for your muscles and your mind. When starting stretching, you have the opportunity to do things the right way. Stretching once a day before you go to sleep can change your life.

Why Starting Stretching is a Great Idea

Injury Prevention

When muscles become tight from poor posture, sitting down, working out and the general movement it can inhibit your body from moving correctly. When your body gets stiff, another area has to make up the slack and take on more load than it was made for. Before you know it, you are dealing with an athletic injury and looking for a healthcare provider on 9INE POINT Health.

Improve Mood

Stretching can improve your mood because it just feels so great. When you are stretching after a warm shower, and you learn how to visualize correctly. Just try it a few days, and when you get to the end, you quickly see that you can’t help but smile. The reason is that your body is returning to a state that it wants to be in. We are not meant to be all scrunched down and tight from sitting at computers all day.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stretching teaches you how to breathe correctly. Three seconds through the nose and then breathe out five seconds through the mouth. All the breathing should be done into the belly. When you bell-breathe, you use your diagram properly and help reduce tension. The relaxed state of stretching helps to reduce all stress you may be dealing with.

Improve Your Imagination

Your imagination is needed, and it is always good to have one. The reason you work on your imagination when stretching is that it helps to picture that you are melting and like your body is dough under the sun. It is impossible to imagine this in your head, and not have your entire body relax even more than you knew possible.

Starting Stretching? Here Are Some Great Stretches

*Hold stretches for 60 seconds*

*Should read this article on fascia before going any further*

Hip and Quad Stretch

Stand and Reach

Twist and Reach

Twist and Arch

Hip Opener

Front Line Relaxed Stretch

Downward Dog

Dead Man Stretching

Wrestlers Bridge

Human Basket

Proper Hamstring Stretch

Lat Bow and Stretch

Twisting Arm Stretch

Lying Chest Stretch

Fascial Trap Stretch

Shoulder Look Away

Starting stretching is a great idea and after doing all of the stretches above you will see why. The key to success here is figuring out which stretches you like the most. The ones that you like and that will have the most significant impact on how your body feels are the ones that you need to do on a daily basis. Get started and whatever you do don’t stop!

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