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The Opening Chapter – Davion Robinson

In the world of college athletics, athletes are faced with ups and downs. These are lessons, I Davion Robinson learned early on in my freshman year at the University of Antelope Valley. From the grueling seasons that cause wear and tear on our bodies and balancing a schedule that is not always ideal, as we’re growing as young adults.

I battled through a tear in my meniscus that sat me out for most of my first collegiate season. On top of adapting to this new schedule and environment that I’m calling home for the next four years. But like any athlete on and off the court, I found a way to adapt to prevail through each obstacle thrown at me. I was already driven but each obstacle has fueled me for a much more improved sophomore season.

Davion Robinson’s Learning Year

My freshman season became my “learning year” since I was sidelined to watch for the majority of it. Some athletes might take this time to relax and not remain focused but I tried to stay in the gym as much as possible. One of my best highlights this season was learning from the upperclassmen on the team. My time off made me slow my horses down and evaluate my situation much better and plan things out strategically.

Since being cleared, I finished my freshman season out and have been taking my off-season as a time to pay attention to detail and develop great habits, not just good ones. My hunger and drive to succeed come from my family’s legacy. A family full of high school stand-outs, college stand-outs, and a former NBA star of a cousin, Nate Robinson while being an extended family of NBA legend Doug Christie. The family I come from is prestigious and historical in the state of Washington.

My dreams are bigger than just Seattle, WA. I want to in fact represent Las Vegas and Seattle on a bigger platform for notability and recognition. As my social media has grown, I have been able to reach a bigger audience and market myself well. I have already 16-thousand followers on Instagram that grow on a daily basis. My audience comes from the genuine support of people who know my family members and younger kids who look up to me.

Bigger Than Basketball

I realized that for me it’s bigger than basketball. I have become a notable figure for a younger generation in areas that I come from. Most think of that as pressure but I use it as motivation as I have been going through my off-season extremely focused on strengthening his body. My goal is to be in tip-top shape as well as studying some of my favorite players and immolating their game to a tee. These players I plan to immolate are Carmelo Anthony and Reggie Miller just to name a couple. I don’t wanna give out too much of my plans for competition to look at haha.

To describe myself, I’d say that I am a hungry underclassman who took lessons from his unforeseen, unfortunate circumstances that many college athletes go through. From my injury, I saw it as an opportunity. A chance to focus and genuinely take care of my body. My home-sickness made me realize it was time to grow and become my own individual. And as far as my schedule I just see it as the dirty work that’ll allow me to enjoy the fruits of my labor later. As I go through an off-season that I believe to be my season of separation. I look to grow as an individual, improve as an athlete and remain hungry to perform at a high-level next season. I’m Davion Robinson and this is my story, or at least the opening chapter of what is to come.

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