New Patients – How To Win Them So They Come Back

It costs more to get a new client than it does to get one to come back. We will be discussing what new patients expect from you, what to do to ensure that they are satisfied with the treatment they receive from you and how to win them so that they come back.

As a healthcare provider, there are specific attributes that your patients expect from you. Especially patients that are consulting with you for the first time. If you do not meet these expectations, it could prevent the patient from coming back to you and increase your marketing costs.

Patients are human just like yourself; the only difference is that you are trained in the particular field in which they require your expert advice or treatment. You should treat them the way you want to be treated if you were a patient. With dignity and respect.

A Good Practice Provides A Good Service

The reason why a new patient is visiting your clinic or center may be because he/she has seen your advertisement either on the internet or TV or maybe they found you on 9INE POINT Health. It can also be because you have previously provided efficient service to a patient and the patient, in turn, decided to recommend you to a friend or a relative.

Whatever the case may be, having a good practice is the foundational reason why new patients would want to come back to your practice in the first place. That means know what you can do and not try to act like you can do it all. When you get too arrogant and think you know it all you tend to make more mistakes.

How To Win New Patients So They Come Back

Excellent Communication Skills

You must take your time to listen patiently to the patient. Do not interrupt them while they talk. Explain the peculiarities of the condition to them and tell them the treatment plan you have in mind. Ensure that at each stage of the conversation, they understand what you are talking about.

You Must Be Emotionally Stable

You can have a patient who survived a car accident or a traumatic experience. While talking to you, they can break down into tears or become jittery. It is your duty as a healthcare provider to be emotionally stable. This helps you to provide the much-needed support that patient requires at that point in time. If you are too emotional and break down into tears too, the patient might feel that you are not professional enough and may not return to your practice.


You must be flexible with your working hours and responsibilities. Some patients work in the morning and may only be available for treatment by evening. There are also patients who are only available in the mornings and are not accessible by evening.

Attention To Detail

You must be able to pay excellent attention to detail and not miss anything out. This makes you come off as a committed professional. They will want to come back.


You must be creative in finding new ways to ensure that your new patients continually remain happy and pleased with you.


Humility is becoming rare in the healthcare field. More and more you see healthcare providers that think that because they went to school for a long time, everyone should bow down to them.

Don’t let this be your reality! Always show some humility when you are dealing with patients. Ego and arrogance stink and it will make your clients never want to deal with you again.

How 9INE POINT Health Can Help You Find and Keep New Patients

9INE POINT Health connects injured people and people looking for healthcare solutions to the answers they seek. Some too many people go on Facebook and use the platform to get healthcare advice form their friends who do not know better.

9INE POINT Health gives you the opportunity as a healthcare provider to engage and connect with people who are looking for your services. They can follow you an continue to build a relationship with you. The platform is free to use so that you can keep control of your marketing costs.

Be Found Easier

Being found easier is the key to everything. If the general public does not know you exist, they will never come to see you. The reason 9INE POINT Makes it more accessible is that it allows people to search for healthcare providers by type and by skill set. It is the only platform that allows people to do this.

The second reason that 9INE POINT Health makes it easier to be found is that you can be found strictly in your 9INE POINT Number. The 9INE POINTNumber is a number you are given that combines your ratings, engagement, and number of insurances accepted because those are the things that people care about when looking for a healthcare provider. From there they can click your profile and dig in and learn more. Make finding new patients the most natural part of your day.

Be Pushed to Be Better

You will want to improve your 9INE POINT Number, and that will give you a reason to step up your marketing efforts. Some people will not like this, but those are the people who are ok with the status quo. As a society, if we are not getting better, we are getting worse, and healthcare is no different. The better you get, the more new patients will want to work with you.

Build a Following

Get followers in a community that is made explicitly for healthcare. You may not think followers matter, but they do because it can allow you to be a thought leader and spread your philosophy. If what you do as a healthcare provider matters you should want more people to be healthy because of it. There is no better way to attract new patients continually.

So What…

If you want to attract new patients it really starts with you! Going to school and being smart is not enough, you have to be likable and know how to get positive results for the people that work with you. Once you do these things than it is about using 9INE POINT Health to make sure that the world knows.

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.

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