Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas

Are you looking to get more clients so you can grow into multiple offices? Or maybe you need more ideas to bring some more clients in for yourself. It is not uncommon for physical therapists to get stuck and need some physical therapy marketing ideas to help get their business moving forward. To get your business moving forward sometimes, you need some fresh ideas. The key to excellent marketing is getting more people to know you, like you and trust you. If you accomplish all three of those things, your business will improve in the long run.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #1 – Give People a Reason to Tell Friends

It is incredible how many physical therapists say that they grow through word of mouth. Weirdly when you ask them what their strategy for success with word of mouth is, they don’t have one. What this means is that you most likely rely on word of mouth yet you have no idea how to generate it. You hope that it happens.

There are ways to generate word of mouth that allow you to make it more predictable For example, after every single person comes in your office if you give them a digital promotion code to share with friends for a percentage off, you encourage people to tell friends, and you can track it.

That is just one of many ways you can track word of mouth. The main point is that you do these three things:

  1. Tell people to tell others
  2. Give them a reason to do it
  3. Give people a way to know that you did it

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #2 –Focus on a New Customer

If you know who you customer currently is, it is time to focus on a new customer. For example, if most of the people that come into your office consist of construction workers above 40. Maybe it is time to start targeting their kids that are youth athletes. Maybe you target their wives that stay at home and need some physical treatment.

The point is that you have to be intentional about targeting your customer. There are little thing you can do to make your office more attractive to a specific customer. For example, if you were targeting youth athletes, putting video games in the waiting area and filling the office with free Gatorades could be a huge plus. It is the small things that go a long way. To get these things right, you have to know who your customer is.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #3-Go on a 60 Day Social Media Binge

Whether you use social media or not, commit to going on a 60-day tear where you produce more content on social media than you ever have. You’re going to create accounts on all of the channels you possibly can and for 60 days push yourself to post on all them.

Here is why this is a great idea. Most healthcare providers start with social media but they only really dip their toe into it. When you dip your toe into anything in life, you never get any results. You have to jump in the pool if you want to learn how to swim and the same is true for social media. This challenge is meant to show yourself what you are capable of and how social media can have a positive effect on your business.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #4 –Improve Your 9INE POINT Number

9INE POINT Health ranks healthcare providers based on some key factors:

  1. Ratings and Reviews
  2. Engagement with Community
  3. Number of Insurances Accepted

It is worth improving this number because this is the place that athletes and active people go to to find and compare healthcare providers. As a physical therapist, if you are not listed on 9INE POINT Health, it is important that you account so you are listed. To be able to engage with the community it is important that you subscribe.

After doing that you want to encourage as many of your current customers as possible to write and rate you on 9INE POINT Health. Getting them to do this will allow you to build your 9INE POINT Number the quickest.

The second thing you want to stat doing is posting content that the community can consume. You can post about anything that educates the community. The key is that it is not just about you. It is about being responsive to the comments and helping the community as much as possible.

The last thing you need to do is list all of the insurances you accepted. This will improve your score the least, but it is still important. Most people search for providers based on what insurance they accept.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #5 –Create a Free eBook for The Most Common Problem You Treat

Start paying attention to the questions that your customers ask. There will be some popular questions that you notice come up over and over again. If your customers have these questions, there are others that are not your customers that do as well. Sounds like a great marketing opportunity.

Build an eBook and email lead capture. You create helpful information and in exchange for that information you get their email address to market to them later. When people read this ebook they will know who you are; if it is well written and helpful, they will also like you and trust you.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #6 –Write a Blog Post Every Day

You don’t have to publish the content right away, but it is great to have content on hand. The reason is that the content is great for your website. Google likes to rank sites that are constantly updated. If your site is just stagnant, it looks like no one is home and that is not good.

Writing a blog post will allow you to think of your customer and what they would like to know and read about. The better of a job you do this, the better your content will do. If you have twenty articles sitting in your drafts ready to go after this challenge, you are in a better position than having none.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #7 –Start a Podcast on Anchor

Starting a regular podcast on iTunes can be very time-consuming. Anchor has changed that for everyone. It is not much easier to get a podcast started on your own. Anchor allows you to create content from your phone and has a pretty engaging community if you stay consistent with your content.

The reason a podcast is great is that it allows you to build a deeper connection with people than written content. When you hear someone voice constantly, you start to feel like you know them. A podcast audience does not build overnight, but once you create it, you have a loyal following.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #8-Work on Getting More Backlinks to Improve SEO

Backlinks are everything when it comes to SEO. Google ranks the site based on other relevant sites mentioning your website. When Google sees a lot of high-ranking sites suggesting your site, it assumes you deserve to rank higher. You need to get as many high-ranking sites to link to your site as possible. It can be time-consuming to do this, but it is 100% worth the time.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #9 –Hire a Marketing Intern

There are a lot of physical therapy marketing ideas listed above. If it feels overwhelming know that you can get help. If there is any college near you, there are always marketing students looking to gain valuable experience. They get a little bit of money and expertise to help them get a job. You get some help implementing these ideas so you can maintain the ones that do well. The reality is that you are probably not a marketer. You are a physical therapist that has to do the marketing right now.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas #10 –Volunteer with The Local Community

There are people injured and hurting in every community. Volunteer to work with people who fit your target market. If you work with senior citizens, for example, you may volunteer at a nursing home. Volunteering is a great way to introduce people to physical therapy while also engaging with the community to put it in a better light. There are still a lot of people out there that don’t believe Physical treatment helps anyone.

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.


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