10 Sports Big Guys Didn’t Know They Could Play

When I was in elementary school, I was not very athletic. I was that chubby kid who tried their hardest but just could not get on any sports team. I mean I tried, I went to every single try out, for every individual sport. It just seemed like I was never going to get on a sports team. There were intramural teams where everyone got to play but even as a kid I hated getting a participation trophy or getting on a team just because they “had” to allow me to play. It became incredibly frustrating for me as a kid. It was not until high school that I finally made my first team, football. Love at first sight; I took to it so well that I became a team captain and the leader of the offensive line in my first year playing. It took me being a big guy to finally see that there was a sport out there that could utilize my physicality. This article will outline some sports you did not even think about trying only because of your size!

Sports For Us Big Guys!

big guy sports

#1 Football

As a big guy looking to play football, there are a few options to choose from, you can be an offensive lineman, defensive lineman, and if you are more athletic, you can be a fullback or a tight end.Offensive linemen and defensive linemen are big guys in the trenches. They are opposing forces. Offensive linemen looking to block, and protect the quarterback/ running backs. The defensive linemen are looking to break through the line and tackle whoever has the ball at that particular moment.Fullbacks and tight ends are like more athletic offensive linemen. They both have the responsibility of blocking, but they can also do fantastic things with the ball in their hands, catching or receiving.So if you are a big guy and a grunt like me, or you are more fleet of foot, football is a great sport for you.

#2 Jiu Jitsu

When I first started training for jiu-jitsu, I was confident that it wasn’t for me. I was larger than everyone in the gym. I was not cocky like most big strong guys are. Genuinely wanted to learn the art. I did not want to go in and out muscle anyone or impose my will. The issue, however, was many people did not want to train with me because they didn’t want to get hurt. I understood that many meat heads are just looking to protect their egos. They want to go to the gym prove how strong they are. Jiu-jitsu is for everyone. There is no reason why you as a big guy can’t go into a Jiu-Jitsu gym and succeed, learn, and become a better person.There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from the Jiu Jitsu; it only takes a humble attitude to get the best out of it. You will be submitted by smaller guys; there is no doubt. Take it in stride and learn from it.

#3 Boxing

I only recently got into boxing, I have not fought in boxing but have got into the training of the sport. It was a surprise to me at how physically demanding it is. That being said, bigger guys can do well in this sport. The heavyweight division has always been the pinnacle of the competition. They say if the heavyweight division is doing well then all of boxing is doing well.Some professional boxers are well over 250 lbs and well over 6’5″ tall. Tyson Fury, one of the best boxers on the planet, is 6’9″ tall and about 280lbs. That goes to show that you can be a big guy and be hugely successful in the sport. It will make you a better athlete even if you don’t compete in the sport.

#4 Strongman

Strongman is an excellent sport for bigger guys; it was a sport that I decided to dabble in during my years in powerlifting. It requires far more athletic ability than you would think it does. However, if you can get into a gym that trains the movements involved in strongman then by all mean give it is a shot.It is a sport filled with unusual movements, a training style that not many people understand. Strongman is the sport you see on TV late at night when no one is watching. Some famous athletes lift extraordinary numbers and it may seem like a sport you merely won’t be able to compete in. I am here to say if you a big guy and have the will to train to get as strong as possible that his sport is for you. The only limitation is the equipment required to prepare for this competition properly are not readily available.

#5 Shot Put

Shot put is made for big guys; you will rarely find a small guy competing in the sport. It is, however, one of the more technical sport on this list. It requires a good coach, and specific training to be good at it.I was one of the worst shot putters on the team; I enjoyed the science behind the sport, I enjoyed the training behind the sport. However, I merely could not put it all together. If you can get someone to coach you on the proper technique then, by all means, give this sport a shot, no pun intended.

#6 Powerlifting

I spent the majority of adolescent and adult life competing in powerlifting. I was lucky enough to make it to the higher levels of the sport. Making it to nationals a couple of times and fairing well as I competed.Strength was an attribute I was lucky enough to have as an athlete. This is a sport. However, anyone of any size can get into. You do not have to be a monster you can be a small athlete as well. It is a great sport for you to get into no matter what.It is a sport that I got into because I was training for football. Squats, benching, and deadlifts were a big part of my training anyways. As it probably will be for you no matter the sport you are playing. May as well test yourself in a competition if you are doing the movements anyways, that was my thought process.

#7 Rugby

Rugby is one of the most athletic sports on the planet. It required all the athletes to possess strength, speed, and endurance. The prop position in rugby is where the number of bigger athletes is going to thrive. You can be a strong force in the scrum, using your body weight, strength, and power to try and overcome your opponent.This sport is great for showcasing your ability to be an athlete; many people think because you are big that it automatically makes you less athletic. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the best athletes are big. Do not allow other people dictate what you can or can’t do. Rugby may be worth a shot if you are willing to be involved in a rather violent sport that requires you to be vicious between the whistles.

#8 Wrestling

I never competed in the sport of wrestling mainly because it was not offered at my school. I probably would have given it a shot if It was, however. Wrestling is exceptionally technical, requires a lot of work on the part of the athlete, and it builds great character. Bigger athletes who enter the sport almost always end up losing a lot of weight because of the style of training involved. However, if you are on the bigger side of the scale then do not hesitate to get involved. Many coaches love to have a bigger kid on the team because it teaches other on the team how to deal with them.Wrestling is an excellent sport for learning how to work hard, how to create leverages, and cross training for other sports. I believe all offensive linemen should learn to wrestle. It will help them with there skills inside the trenches.

#9 Olympic Weightlifting

Another great sport that suits bigger athletes is Olympic weightlifting. It is, however, the most technical sport on this list. It requires a coach. I have tried to learn the art of weightlifting, but It was not for me. If you can master the techniques of the sport, then you will soar in it.Some of the best moments in weightlifting have come from athletes who are the biggest. If you take a look at weightlifting past, then you will see some of the biggest weight being put overhead by the biggest athletes in the sport. Weightlifting is not a sport you can watch Youtube for, however. You will not be able to do it without the expertise of a coach. I should preface that with I do not believe you should be trying to teach yourself the techniques of the snatch and the clean and jerk. That should be left to an experienced coach.

#10 Baseball

Baseball is an excellent sport for bigger dudes. If you can hit the ball out of the park, then you can become a star. Some of the best homerun hitters are on the huskier side.If you are a decent athlete, can sprint 90 feet at a time and just lay into the ball with the bat then baseball could be your sport. Being first basemen, or a designated hitter is where you may belong, but you can still become a great baseball player. Prominent athletes in the sport of baseball are the positions I previously stated. You can now be a big guy who possesses power. It does not hurt to give it a shot!


Being a bigger person does not mean you can’t play a sport. It means you have to be able to utilize it the right way. There is some sport on this earth that you can be good at.It took me till I was 14 to learn that I could be a good athlete. Being large does not have to define you, or limit you. Get involved in sports; your size means nothing. As you can tell, I have been involved in the majority of these sports. You can do it as well. Get out there and play. Someone else opinion of you means very little. What you think of yourself is more important than anything else!

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