Athletic Courage Success Traits

If you don’t see these traits in yourself, you better start working for them. If you want to make it to the top in anything in life, these traits are usually a must. The Athletic Courage Success Traits are really like a snowflake as they are weak on their own but together are powerful.

Athletic Courage Success Trait #1 – Passion

If you have a passion for what you are doing it will be the reason you never quit. When no passion is present guess what happens as soon as you face something difficult, you get up walk away.  Passion not only stops this but if you are passionate about something, then you have the natural desire to want to be the best at it.

Athletic Courage Success Trait #2 – Determination

Anyone who is successful is determined to be that way. Why because life is full of way too many roadblocks, injuries, haters and the list goes on. Many times the only way to beat all these things is to be determined never to let them be the reason you quit.  Look at it like this when you down on all 4s, and someone else is getting ready to kick you, what do you think it is that makes you get back up?

Athletic Courage Success Trait #3 – Self Belief

How can you ever succeed if you think you’re going to be a failure?  Believing you can do anything is the first step. The world does not need to be told about how you believe in yourself; it will naturally come off in how you carry yourself.

Athletic Courage Success Trait #4 – Optimistic

Have you ever been around someone who is constantly negative? You just can’t wait to get away from them because pessimism is not only contagious, but it is a trait that shows a lack of self-belief. Many athletes expect their parents, coach, or friends to believe in them and be positive when they cannot even say the same about themselves. When you are positive, your mind will automatically search for more ways to support your positive thoughts.

Athletic Courage Success Trait #5 –  Committed

 Commitment is the bridge between passion and your goals. You can want to be the greatest athlete in the world and know you have the talent to do it but if you do not stay committed to eating right, sleeping right, training hard every day, and making the needed sacrifices you might never realize those goals.

Athletic Courage Success Trait #6 – Intrinsically Motivated

 The power that drives you needs to come from within you not without. Sacrifices have to be made that may not make you the most popular person in the world. If you get your drive from within though, then you will be content with focusing on long-term rewards.  People who get all their energy and drive from others tend to be followers and followers never create their own paths.

Which of these traits do you need to work on the most?

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