Focus On Whats Right In Front Of You

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” – Anthony Robbins

What You Need Is Focus

Focus can be the single most important factor that will determine whether your dreams come true or not. All dreams come with many rivers, lakes, and oceans that need to be crossed. The bigger the task the larger the body of water will be. It is hard to cross a lake if you are focused on the ocean you will have to cross it.

Focus means that all of our energy is going into figuring out the one problem in front of you. Every resource you can find gets put into solving that current problem. How can you cross the difficult rivers if you are thinking about climbing to the top of a mountain at the same time?

The reality is that if we’re actually trying to cross a dangerous body of water, all our brainpower needs to go into that moment. We can’t risk thinking about anything else until we reach the other side.

Try hard to look at a few different things at once. What happens is that you think you are seeing everything but really, you are only seeing what you catch when you are not looking at the other things. This missed information will leave you vulnerable to making mistakes.

Fulfilling your athletic dream involves achieving the goals that make up the dream. Focus enables you to make a dream become a reality. Say your dream comes with five clear goals. It will take focusing on each of those five goals individually to accomplish them all. If you try and do them all at once it’s no different than trying to look at different things at once and still catch details.

Without focus, you become distracted easily. You lose direction. Your priorities get messed up.   As this pattern continues things take longer to get done, or they don’t get done at all.

Now consider the time, energy and resources committed to achieving multiple things at once, and put them together to focus in on one thing. It will change your drive and motivation because you now only have one thing to do and you won’t stop until it is completed.

Know Where You Are Going

The goal may be to be a professional athlete or to win a national championship. Whatever the goal may be the key is to focus in on what is right in front of you. Focus on winning each and every single day.

Often in sports, big upsets happen because the favorite to win is focused on something far ahead of their sight. They look past the competition that is right in front of them and the other team uses that opportunity to catch them off guard.

Tips for Focus

  • Know where you want to end up
  • Map out a route to get there
  • Stick to the route until a roadblock is reached

Focus on the task is in front of you until what you want is right in front of you

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