Sports You May Not Have Heard Of

Have you heard of this sports?

There are so many recreational activities and sports that people get engaged to nowadays. Recreational activities and sports participation provide us with a refreshing break from our monotonous life. It gives us an opportunity to socialize and to pursue our sports inclinations.

Some sports are quite favorite yet expensive that you may not have heard always.

Here are some examples:

Hot air balloon racing

First off the list is the hot air balloon racing. Most Balloon races are famous throughout the world, especially during summer months. Amazing, right? We may ask, “How do balloons race?”

The term ‘racing’ may not be the best choice of words when talking about balloon competitions because balloons don’t ‘race’ in the usual sense of the word. It is a common knowledge that a hot air balloon does not travel that fast but there is a racing game for it.

Unlike any traditional races, there is no waving of flag or firing of a starter’s pistol in hot air balloon racing. The balloons do not actually “race,” it is more of a navigational contest. It is a competition that looks for someone who can best navigate their balloon onto one place to another.

A competitive balloon flight is usually an hour long with at least two flights and three tasks.

How do you play it?

As hot air balloons can’t go against the wind and can only go where the wind takes them, the pilot must be quick to catch the wind. Since the speed and direction of the wind often varies, pilots must accurately gauge the speed and direction of the wind at various altitudes.

Air balloon pilots also need to be able to read the wind and predict changes. This competition always takes place over a wide area (around 50 kilometers by 50 kilometers) thus, the pilot must have a good understanding of the area and must be able to gauge the effect of topographical features on the wind.

How much does it cost to play in a hot air balloon race?

Well, a hot air balloon doesn’t come cheap. A one person hot air balloon costs at least $20,000 to buy. Also, balloons must meet air safety regulations, so they need to be inspected which cost around a hundred dollars. The cost of training for a pilot’s license can cost anywhere between $1,250 and $3,000.

Is hot air balloon racing a sport?

Yes. The Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) is the worldwide governing body for air sports. It regulates competition for all forms of aircraft including aerostats or balloons. The FAI is associated with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and functions similarly. If you want to watch a game of hot air balloon race, an event will take place on July 27 to 29, 2018 at the Great Texas Balloon Race.

It’s so breathtaking watching hot air balloons float lazily up and away and that they are competing in balloon races. It is indeed a sight to behold – the ‘blue sky filled with hot air balloons. Their rainbow colors expand thus, creating a scene that fascinates the viewing public.

Balloon competitions and events enable some balloons to be in the air at one time and are spectacular sights for the public and sports spectator too.

Wingsuit flying

Wingsuiting or Wingsuit flying is another one. It is the sport of flying through the air using a wingsuit which adds surface area to the human body to enable a significant increase in lift. Lift ensues when the downward momentum of the object meets the resistance of the air.

What are wingsuits?

Wingsuits are sometimes referred to as “birdman suits,” “squirrel suits,” and “bat suits.” It is a one-piece garment that enables a person to glide through the air when in free fall, having sections of fabric between the arms and legs that inflate when the wearer jumps from an aircraft or high place.

How do you play it?

It starts off, requiring the flyer to either jump out of an aircraft or off a precipice to achieve a high enough altitude.

They have to deploy their parachutes and float the rest of the way to the ground. But, until the moment they pull their parachute chord, wingsuit flyer can soar horizontally at high speeds and perform aerial acrobatics while descending at a slower rate than skydivers.

How much does it cost to play wingsuit flying?

You can purchase a beginner’s suit for around 600 dollars, but advanced models can cost more than or twice that amount.

You also need a parachute for this sport, and parachute ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. The price per jump costs between 200 dollars and 400 dollars.

To fly a wingsuit in the United States at a USPA Group Member drop zone, you will likely to need to complete at least 200 jumps in 18 months (or 500 total jumps) – that is $200,000 total.

These are just only the two of many sports that haven’t received the spotlight.

Hot air balloon racing gives an experience of viewing everything in a bird’s sight.

Also, controlling one big balloon to different places despite the wind can be overwhelming. But the feeling of success when you finished it will undoubtedly pay off.

Wingsuit flying is like a dream come true to some; it is just like soaring through the air like a superhero. Although this sport can be dangerous for some, with enough practice and training, it can give you an experience of a lifetime.

These sports also bring joy to our eyesight. Seeing varied colors of hot air balloons soaring up in a bright blue sky is a magnificent work of art.

And seeing people glide to the sky like squirrels and bats are truly phenomenal.

That is why if you have a chance and opportunity to watch and see these kinds of sports and competitions, please definitely do. Besides, this will help the participants get the recognition that they rightfully deserve.


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