Why Teenage boys get hooked on basketball

The game of basketball has significantly changed over the years and continued to grow. This sport is a game of strategy, hustle, and skill. Basketball also teaches life lessons learned through hardships, ethical leadership, and competitiveness.

We can say that basketball plays a huge role when it comes to the world of sports and athletic competitions. Hence, the youths, teenagers specifically get hooked to this all-time favorite sport- basketball. Majority of the teenage population learned this game while they were still young.

Primarily, they improved and elevated their basketball skills through their Physical Education classes back in grade school. While some are lucky ones that they are born with natural agility and competitive skills innate in them. Well, thanks to the athletic genes!

Others struggled their way to the top through devoted time, and patience to master their basketball skills. They have genuinely invested many years of hard work into this game.


Why are teenage boys so into basketball?

When they were still young, basketball was just a game they play out of boredom. It came to the point that basketball became a hobby, and then it became their favorite sport. A lot of teenagers get involved in this beautiful sport because it is fun and easy to learn.


They can play basketball to have light moments and bond with their friends as well. It is is a great way to exercise and burn excessive calories too.

Lifelong friendships are also possible through basketball. Adventurous as they are, teenagers want to feel the rush of being on the line, with the game in their hands.

Basketball is not a game for the faint-hearted. Teenage players accept the challenge of handling pressure with defenders from opposing teams, and fans judging every move they make.

These young people fall in love with basketball because basketball has varied styles of play. One could be a passer, playmaker, shooter, defensive player, and dunker or high flyer.

When teenagers play basketball, they feel much more confident. They always aim to give their best shot and excel in their sport of choice.  While others enjoy this game as a past time, others strive to be the best player that they can ever be.

You can see some of them enrolled in basketball or sports clinic and training camps to learn the necessary skills and passion for basketball. And be given the opportunity to train under versatile and professional coaches. They likewise learn the proper technique and fundamentals for honing their shooting, dribbling, passing and screening skills.

They want to play and continue to get better and better every single game. Also, you can watch some of the teens playing in their community basketball leagues.

Most of them are also active participants in their school’s intramurals and sports competitions in which the best players started to get noticed and eventually become famous. They get known when they start competing with basketball teams from different schools.



Each player has one specific purpose; to be the best player they could ever be. With the influence of their favorite NBA teams or star players, they work hard to be as good as them. They dream and aspire to be like them. They wish to make a future through a promising basketball career.


Also, they make the best out of playing the sport, hoping that maybe someday, it will be their turn to shine on the court like their idols with millions of people watching them, cheering for them. Showing their skills, for their generation to be proud of what they have become. Of course, their family had a significant influence on them too.



How gratifying do you think is it? When you see your family members present in every game with full support. They are cheering for you as you carry the family name on that jersey. How satisfying do you think it will be?

Seizing that opportunity to make your family proud, to prove that all that hard work and hours in the gym has paid off. To see them clap their hands for you as you take a good 3-point shot in the ring. Hear them shouting your name to let the whole world know that for them, you’re the best player ever.


What about your friends who were with you from day one while you are learning the basics of basketball? They have been there since you got hooked on the sports.  Knowing how great you play both sides of the game, be it on offense or defense.

Knowing you accomplished something exceptional. They will always remember you as a competitive player, who made each game enjoyable to watch because of your acrobatic shots and stunning moves.

What about your supportive girlfriend or partner who never failed to watch every game? Your partner who always cheers for you from the stands. Your girlfriend who brings your sports drink and ran to you immediately as soon as the game ends. She is the one who proudly raises a banner with your name on it, and roots for you as you expand your arsenal of basketball tricks.


But do you know what else influences them to be a better one?

I think it is the inevitable losses in the real games of their lives. Those numbers of times they fell on their knees inside the court. That number of times that they think they can’t do it. Those numbers of times their coach yelled at them. And basically, those numbers of times they felt so small and felt neglected.

Those times they feel like they’re the reason why their team lost the game. Those crucial situations that made them think they can’t make it. This is the part where they get to decide whether to continue to play basketball or divert their energy in other worthwhile activities.


Accepting victory and defeat

But real teen players are strong enough to handle physical and emotional pain caused by any trials, losses, failures, disappointments from a game. Real teen players don’t give up the dream they worked hard.

Real teen players are strong-willed and motivated enough despite the odds they have to face. These players believe that victory comes to those who are determined and focused. Besides, I must agree that nobody can bring them down quickly. Their failures will make them stronger and better.


People’s unfavorable judgments will bring out the best in them because they understand that winning or losing is a part of the game.

Young as they are, they use heart-wrenching experiences as a motivation to rise above all difficulties and excel in the field of basketball. It’s easy to learn the basics of the game on the court. But not everyone has the courage and discipline to invest time and energy to enhance their basketball skills and reveal they’re true potential.

Maybe one of the reasons why teenagers are captivated by basketball is the competitiveness that every game entails. Basketball could be a favorite hobby, a past time, a leisure activity but it has become a passion for numerous teens out there.






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