Insertional Achilles Tendonitis | Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis | Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Achilles Tendonitis is a common painful injury caused by a swelling of the Achilles tendon at the back of your foot. Insertional Achilles Tendonitis is also a common variant. The Achilles tendon runs from the back of your lower leg and joins your foot at the heel. It is common for athletes to experience this injury due to activities like acceleration, and running up hills that tend to put a great deal of stress on the tendon.

There are two main types of Tendonitis:

  • Non-insertional Achilles Tendonitis
  • Insertional Achilles Tendonitis

Here’s the difference between the two:

Non-Insertional Achilles Tendonitis happens if there is a swelling or painful infection of any part of the tendon above the heel bone.

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis happens if the swelling occurs at the point where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone. Consequently, the tendon may harden and form a protrusion at the back of the feet.

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis – Who Could Be Affected?

It’s a common injury that affects athletes that take part in running sports. As a result, sports like Track and Field, Soccer, Football, Rugby, etc. to name a few reports the highest figures. As a result, athletes up to 14 years of age and more mature athletes may face it at some point in their careers. The best way to know for sure if you have it is by seeing a sports health physician.

The injury can affect anyone that is experiencing foot tightness or calf tightness.  The tissue at the bottom of the foot and the calves surround the Achilles tendon. You can suffer insertional Achilles tendonitis from this tightness because of the added tension it puts on the Achilles tendon.

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis: What Causes It?

The injury occurs for two main reasons:

Muscle overuse – As a result of too much exertion from doing an intense physical activity like running for miles. Overuse injuries are common among athletes that figure that doing more is always better. Training breaks your body down so the more of it you do, the more recovery measures you need to take to make sure the body does not get hurt. Anytime you recover less than you train you to end up with a negative result.

Muscle Breakdown- Caused by tiny tears in the Achilles Tendon. These tears happen from trauma or overuse. Slowly over time, the muscle begins to break down until it eventually hurt or tears.

Some other common causes are:

  • Athletes are not doing enough cooldown exercises after training.
  • Not resting the feet enough after running, jumping, climbing, etc.

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis – Do You Have It?

If you are experiencing sore pain in the back of your foot after exercise or sports, it might be a symptom of this injury. There are a few clues that might indicate this condition.

The most common symptoms are:

  • Sharp pain at the back of your foot when you walk
  • A feeling of stiffness at the back of your foot (Especially when you wake up in the mornings)
  • Visible protrusion of the heel bone of the affected foot
  • Painful swelling of the heel that gets worse over time particularly during sports.

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis – How To Get Rid Of It

The most qualified person to help you treat this injury is a Sports physician or doctor. As a result, experts strongly advise against self-medication. Moreover, allowing the injury to could cause multiple complications in your foot that could affect long-term sports performance. The physician will perform a physical examination of the hurting foot and prescribe treatment for you. An X-Ray of your foot may be required.

The best way to treat this injury is with a reduction in training load and seeing a sports medicine provider. The reduction in training is needed to give the tendon rest. The reason you want to see a sports medicine provider is that they are the best training to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. Treating the cause will allow the injury to go away for good.

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What If You Can’t Relieve Your Insertional Achilles Tendonitis Pain On Your Own

Sometimes you can ice all you want, but a muscle is in pain because another area is not working or because it is protecting you. With the hips, for example, your back may be hurting because your psoas is doing too much work and it is also tight. The psoas may be doing too much work because your other hip flexors are not activating correctly. The chain reaction could keep going.

Sometimes you need the help of a sports medicine provider. Sports medicine providers are used to working with athletes that need to get results quickly, to get back on the field. If you are not an athlete, I am sure that you still want quick results.

There are many different options you can go with when looking for a provider. You could get a chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist or many other options. The key is finding someone you trust and that you are excited to work with.

How to Find The Best Healthcare Providers For Insertional Achilles Tendonitis Pain

9INE POINT Health is the best place to find the health care providers you need for any injuries. It does not matter where you are hurting; a 9INE POINT Health provider will be able to get you healthy again. 9INE POINT allows you to find the best local providers and compare them quickly using the 9INE POINT Number.

Skills to Look for in a Healthcare Provider Helping You With Insertional Achilles Tendonitis Pain:

  • Active Release Technique
  • Graston Technique
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Dry Needling
  • Sports Background
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • And more

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.

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9INE POINT Health was created by 9INE POINT in '19 as a means to provide athlete-driven resources to "Protect Athletes' Minds, Body and Belly". As well as be a platform for healthcare providers and other specialists to display their knowledge.


9INE POINT Health was created by 9INE POINT in '19 as a means to provide athlete-driven resources to "Protect Athletes' Minds, Body and Belly". As well as be a platform for healthcare providers and other specialists to display their knowledge.


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