Ep. 72 Director April Abeyta Inspiring Athletes With The Film, After The Game

“Sort of what these characters are facing in the film. Viewers get sort of follow along and see you know, not only what happens to them in 1999 as athletes and what happened to their careers in their season, but also as adults. How these very similar professional challenges, you know, even though they’re not related to the sport anymore. They are still able to use can what they took, you know and learned as athletes to these professional challenges today and see what kind of comes of it.” – April Abeyta, Director of After The Game

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In episode 72, of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam talks with former Chapman University basketball player and Director of AFTER THE GAME; April Abeyta about her journey. In this episode, April shares a lot about career path and the journey she went down to lead to this opportunity to share the story of her former teammates at Chapman.

AFTER THE GAME spans over 20 years to unveil the long-term benefits of sports on women. At a time when 14-year-old girls quit sports at twice the rate of boys, this character-focused film shows that sticking with athletics pays off in extraordinary ways, well after the last whistle blows.

Connect with April Abeyta and get involved with the AFTER THE GAME film at the following links below.

After The Game – Crowdfunding Campaign

Official Website




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Listen to the episode on iTunes or Spotify

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