9INE POINT Health Injury App: Future Of Sports Medicine

We all use our phones for everything now, but there are always some industries that are last to make the shift. If you currently look at the health care system, it has lagged in technology, but if you get even more specific, athlete injuries have been entirely left out of the picture. Not only have they not come to the digital age but most people don’t even think of athletic injuries as health care. Health care is usually left for things like cancer, heart attacks, depression and it had gone athlete in the dark. Until now that is because 9INE POINT has come to shine line on this issue and help athletes with their athletic injuries.

Things to Consider

The app is free to download from the app store. It is perfect for anyone who has experienced an athletic injury and is looking for solutions to get healthy. The app will get you connected with the top athletic health care providers in the world. The ideal person using this app is physically active, and consider themselves to be athletes. Usually are in pain or frustrated because their training has been hampered due to injuries. Some things to think before asking an injury question on the app. Are you willing to listen to the advice? The problem with rehabbing an athletic injury sometimes is the fact that it requires work. You may need to see a professional or put in a substantial amount of work yourself. The last thing you need to consider is, have you already been confused by searching up your issues on Google? Google has a plethora of information but this info is often not specific to you and your needs, and that in itself can cause problems.


9INE POINT promises not to stop until they help you find a solution to your injury. You can go on and ask an injury question, or you can send a direct message. Either way, 9INE POINT will help you to get healthy again. There are not many direct comparisons to Kho. There are apps like First Opinion that allow you to ask questions, but when it comes to injuries, the answers can be very generic like a Google search or Web MD. Other than that there are not many alternatives.

Who 9INE POINT is For:

  • People who push their bodies
  • People with muscular, tendon, and bone pain.
  • Health care providers that enjoy working with athletes
  • Health care providers that love to help others
  • Athletes wanting a second opinion on their injury

Who 9INE POINT is Not For:

  • Selfish people not willing to give back to the community
  • Life-threatening health issues (call 911)
  • Athletes not willing to listen or who don’t want to work or pay for help


  • Get answers quickly from the comfort of your phone
  • Get perspective from athletes who have been through similar injuries
  • Feel good about helping others
  • Find local therapists who can help
  • Build relationships with therapists before you go and see them
  • Secure messaging
  • Injury History


  • Not all injuries can be 100% fixed online
  • If you don’t provide the right information, you could receive the wrong information

Product Shots

Features & Benefits

Quick Answers

Time is money for so if you are hurt you want to get back in the game as quickly as possible. You need answers and answers also lead to having peace of mind, and we need to have this peace of mind. Otherwise, the only thing we think about is this stupid injury. 9INE POINT has therapists around the world ready to answer your questions at all times.

Help From Other Athletes

Not only do you get help and tips from healthcare providers but you get the unique perspective of another athlete. It is very different when you have been through an injury, and the support one can offer can help others get through the pain. Athletes will understand where your head is whereas health care providers will understand the science.

Help Others

Any injury or experience you have been through provides you the opportunity to help others. It feels good to help and to give back. The app is not just about you; it is about how much you give back. The more you give back, the better the community is. The better the community is, the more people will give back, you see how that works. You feel better-asking questions when you know you have been willing to help others as much as possible.

Find Local Therapists

When it is time to go in and get a massage or see a chiropractor, you can use the app to do that as well. No time wasted searching all around the internet for people that can be trusted. The app makes it easy to find people in your neighborhood who are good at what they do. The best part is that it is easy to go about building a relationship with these people before going to see them.

Secure messaging

If you do need to hold a private conversation, the entire app has been built for security so that your private communications remain that way. Let’s face it; there are parts of being an injury that we may want to be kept secret. It is nice knowing that there is a place you can go on the app that is held between you and the therapist.

Injury History

How many injuries have you had that you go on to forget all about? It probably happens a lot, but the problem is that every injury changes our body forever. The fact that all of your questions are tracked means that you are given a database to track all the past injuries that you have had. How cool is that? When you move, and a doctor asks you about your injury history, you can answer with accuracy.

Personal Experience

Using the app brought me back to college days and made me wish I had this product back then I remember being in college and looking EVERYWHERE on the internet for tips to fix my hamstring. I remember our team had five guys dealing with hamstring injuries at one time. We all were desperate and did pretty much anything to try and stay healthy it was just brutal.

Thinking back on those times and using 9INE POINT made me happy. To be able just to ask a question and know that you can get some idea of what to do. The entire app is only focused on one thing, and that is getting me healthy. It is amazing.

One of my favorite parts is that athletes get involved in helping other athletes as well. The athlete perspective is so critical in this. The therapist’s answers are the most important ones, but the athlete ones can give you the unique perspective on something you have never thought of. The entire product keeps getting better with every update as well, and I love that they seem to take into account the suggestions you have.


If you are an athlete dealing with an injury on any level, 9INE POINT is a must have. If you are in need of injury solutions or you just want a second opinion, the app will be able to do just that for you. The product gives you the ability to get help, but also to help others achieve their dreams. You can use 9INE POINT to find local therapists, and lastly, you can have secure private messages on there. If you are interested in 9INE POINT to check it out on the app store by clicking here.

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.

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