The Decision To Come To America as a Student-Athlete By Zoe Gubbels

The Decision

After my high school graduation in the Netherlands, it was time to start my America journey. America has incredible opportunities to combine full-time tennis with full-time school, which was great for me considering that in the Netherlands they didn’t provide the combination of going to school and playing tennis. Staying in the Netherlands would have made me decide between the two. That decision would have been tough considering I wanted to play the sport I loved while getting an education at the same time.

The decision alone doesn’t get you into the United States, there is a whole process leading up to it.

After skyping with Coach Bizot multiple times, I had a good feeling about Angelo State University. This University was giving me an exciting opportunity to begin my college tennis career as an NCAA student-athlete. It was a surreal moment for me because it offered me two exciting opportunities. One I was diving into a whole new country of moving to America. Two I would also be one of the founding players of Angelo States re-established tennis program.

This opportunity had its challenges having to move to a different country, have to speak English regularly, and not knowing anybody yet. Additionally, to not knowing anyone, I also had no idea who my teammates were, where they were from, or how we would get along as a team.

It was a big step for me leaving my family and friends behind. I am grateful for this opportunity to be an NCAA student-athlete since it has given me a chance to improve my tennis game as well as pursue my college degree at the same time. Since I decided to be a part of this team and this program, so many blessings and memories are creating that I will cherish forever.

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