No Olympic Lifting? Train The Posterior Chain This Way!

Olympic Lifting and Posterior Chain Development

Olympic lifting is a great way to improve your overall explosive strength. It is, however, a style of training that needs to be taught, it needs to be perfect to be both safe and effective. As an athlete who may or may not have an Olympic lifting coach just standing by it will be difficult to achieve a level of mastery in this area to be useful for training. Here is a list of some alternatives athletes use to develop the posterior chain and become as explosive as possible.

Sled Work

A sled should be in the arsenal of every single athlete. The sled is exceptionally versatile and is one of the most excellent developers of the posterior chains. A sled can do movements forward, backward, and sideways.


Jumping is one of the most excellent displays of explosive ability. In the absence of an Olympic lifting coach adding jumps is a great way to train for explosive strength. There are many different ways in which you could training jumping. Including bounding, box jumps, hurdles, and many more.

Real Plyometrics

What is true or real plyometrics? It is a controversial subject to many, but when you take a look at the history of these movements, it makes sense. Yuri Verkoshansky was a renowned sports scientist in the eastern bloc of the old soviet union. He came up with a set of exercises that focused on the time between landing and exploding back up. What we know to be a depth jump is the foundation of this style of training. You are technically jumping, but the shock of the drop down has proven to increase the load on the body and requires an extremely explosive rebound to minimize the time from ground touch and jump up.

Kettlebell Swings

As stated in previous articles, the kettlebell swing is an excellent developer of the posterior chain. One of the most significant ways to increase hip strength and power. They are comfortable to teach, safe, and extremely efficient.

Glute Ham Raise

The reason why we talk so much about the development of the posterior chain is that in today’s lives everyone is worried about the movements that concentrate on the anterior. We want to develop the posterior chain because it is what propels us forward. A significant movement for this is the Glute Ham Raise. Many gyms may not have one, but you can use a partner to get the same benefit.

Reverse Hyperextensions

When you are doing all these movements that put pressure on your structure, it is essential to add some traction to the system. The reverse hyperextension works as a tool for recovery but also an excellent tool for increasing the strength of the lower back alongside the glutes.

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