I See It In Your Eyes – Jori Davis Letter To Her Younger Self

I See It In Your Eyes – Jori Davis Letter To Her Younger Self

Dear Jori Davis,

I see it in your eyes.

I see that you have been hurt already; those you considered blood deeply hurt you. The people you thought were leaders who were supposed to look out for you let you down, but let me tell you this: you are gold, baby. Recognize that God’s blueprint for your life has already been designed. Take every loss from this moment on as a lesson; it is God’s way of preparing you for your legacy. There is no growth without adversity, so embrace all the challenges and have faith that it will all work out in the end.

Jori, I know you love this game of basketball. Please believe me it will love you back as long as you stay dedicated to it, be loyal to it, don’t cheat on it, and stay down for it, because in the long haul it will pay off.

Jori Davis, I see it in your eyes; you’re a real one. Many want to ball and call themselves hoopers, yelling “Ball is life”. But not many know what it is to have a true love and passion for something in life. And that, Jori, is a blessing for you. It’s not that you have this game, it’s that God chose it for you. Many never find their true purpose in life, but you are lucky enough to find something that you are deeply passionate about. You’ve already found one major key to unlocking your dreams and it is this passion.

Jori Davis, I know you are starting off slow. Players around you are better, stronger, more skilled, but remember your journey is not comparable to others. Your journey is yours and yours only. Don’t look back, don’t look left, don’t look right, keep moving forward with tunnel vision. Stay locked in on your goals and the secrets God speaks to your heart. I promise you comparing yourself to others will only lead to disappointment so don’t do it. Trust God’s plan for your life.

You have a family that loves you. Jori know you are surrounded by love and that will be the foundation that will allow you to grow into the heart many love and care about. Your compassion and ability to show love, even when it is not returned, will allow you to leave a lasting impact on those that come in contact with you.

Don’t focus on the world around you; it is often selfish with love but generous with hate. So cherish your roots and the family you have because you are surrounded by love and support, which will take you a long way. You are growing up in a unique household. You aren’t the richest but you are also not the poorest. What you need will never be dependent on money or materialistic things, because substance within controls all that manifests in your life. Loyalty, humility, family, and genuine relationships are examples of true wealth in your life.

The game will teach you a lot about the world and about life itself. It will teach you how to deal with both leaders and haters, how to stay strong under pressure, how to be a leader and also how to work within a team. You will gain confidence and learn how to celebrate the victories, as well as how to bounce back from the losses. The game teaches you that wisdom isn’t always based off of age but experience. Ultimately the most important thing it will teach you is how to go after your goals and what it takes to accomplish them.

This game will be your best friend and emotional outlet when things aren’t going how you want them to. The game will be your constant so never cheat the grind and always trust the process God has for you. Remember to never worship the game; you can love it but it is not God. It was given to you by God and the passion within you was lit by the master artist. Trust your vision and path because you are unique. You deserve every dream that comes into your mind. Write them down because they are small nuggets left for you to piece together. Don’t worry about the world’s view because it is YOUR life and always stay loyal to yourself. Have a childlike mentality!

Above all, you are created by God, the master artist, and he doesn’t make any mistakes. Don’t judge yourself, but instead embrace who you are at the core. You are only you and there is only one Jori; that makes you so dope and so beautiful. Strive to be different and unique because those are the people that make a change in the world.

I see it in your eyes…passion, hunger, and determination. I can’t wait to see the beautiful woman you become.

All Love,


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