7 Food Changes You Should Make In Your Diet

When you’re an athlete you need to fuel your body like a champion. You can’t put crappy gas, and never change the oil of a sports car and it expects it to perform well. Humans are the same! We need the right fuel in order to be successful. A lot of the food on the list below are common sense, but you can never have too many reminders right?

  • Fast food burgers >>>Homemade Burgers-

    All you have to do is take ground beef season it and roll it in the shape of a burger. Throw it in the oven and you have the same thing. The only difference with homemade burgers is you know what is really in it.

  • Fried Foods>>>Baked Foods

  • It makes no sense why people fry anything when it is so bad for you. Like fried foods do taste good but not that much better than a food you will bake.  I guess my arteries are talking to me right now though.
  • Candy>>>Fruit-

    Candy cravings are your body’s call for some sweets. That is just what fruit is filled with and they are all natural sugars.

  • Chocolate>>> granola bars-

    Granola bars are not the healthiest things on the planet but they are way better for you than a chocolate bar.

  • Cake and Pastries>>> homemade muffins

    Make some muffins and use whole grain flour, put applesauce in them, put chocolate chips in, and put some protein powder in. You will forget all about cake.

  • Bacon>>> Breakfast steaks-

    Breakfast steaks are thin steaks that cook really fast on a frying pan. I make them right beside fried eggs but just don’t use oil use cooking spray and you have a much better meal.

  • Soda pop>>> Gatorade-

    Not saying Gatorade is the greatest drink in the world but if you happen to be dehydrated from a hard day’s work it will do more for you than a soda. If you are a real go hard have some water but I know sometimes we like something sweet to wash food down with.

  • Hot Dogs/ Sausages>>> Lunch Meat-

    These meats are made in the most disgusting ways, but they just taste so good. Just go to the grocery store and buy sandwich meat and call it a day. A healthy day at that.


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