Superficial Fascia – All You Need To Know

Your superficial fascia is a very important part of your body. The most interesting thing to note is that despite how important the superficial fascia is, it is not as widely discussed as other parts of the body.

For the rest of this article, we will be discussing the various ways this particular structure of the body matters to you, whether you are an athlete or an individual who is regularly involved in strenuous activities.

We will also go ahead to discuss the diseases that could affect this protective structure, and how to go about treating them.

But First, What Is A Fascia?

If you can imagine your body, tightly wrapped inside a white plastic bag and when you tug at one end of the bag, say near the legs, it tightens in another part, say the head. The human body has a structure that functions exactly like that. The only difference is that this structure is located inside the body instead of outside it.

A fascia is a connective tissue structure that envelopes organs, separates structures inside the body and offers protection to the organ it covers. It works like how a sword is protected by a sheath.

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Where Is It Located?

The word ‘superficial’ means to occur at or on a surface. Your Superficial fascia is located just below the skin near a structure known as the dermis.

It’s important to note that the Superficial fascia can be found at many other locations in the human body where it occupies an unoccupied space.

What Are The Functions Of The Superficial Fascia?

The functions of the Superficial fascia are numerous. Here are a few of them:

  • The structure provides a safety layer for your skin
  • It is the layer of the body that primarily determines the shape of your body
  • It enables your skin to move easily over deeper structures that are located inside the body
  • Due to its protective nature, the superficial fascia helps the body to conserve heat

What Are The Important Features Of This Structure?

The following are features that are very important and specific to the Superficial fascia:

  • The Superficial fascia is very thick in the palms, soles of the feet and the scalp.
  • It is also is very thin around the sides of the neck and the face.
  • This structure is divided into two distinct parts at the uppermost part of the thighs and the lower part of the abdomen.

What Is The Importance Of This Structure?

Your Superficial fascia is important in the following ways:

  • The fascia is very rich in sensory cells; this means that it enables you to know where exactly you are located in space and helps you to orchestrate your body movements better.
  • Because of the spring-like effect of your fascia, it plays a good part in sporting activities such as running and martial arts.
  • Your mobility, strength, and resilience during sports depend on the fascia as much as it depends on the muscles.

What Are Some Diseases That Can Affect The Superficial Fascia?

Some of the issues that can affect the Superficial fascia include:

What Do I Do If There’s A Problem?

If you think you have fascial issues, please see a sports medicine provider. Do not try to self-medicate or diagnose the problem by yourself. These healthcare providers will be able to use treatments like fascial stretching, active release technique, Graston technique, massage therapy, acupuncture, dry needling and many more techniques to improve fascial health.

To find the best sports medicine providers near you, use 9INE POINT Health. 9INE POINT health will connect you with the best options so you can compare them using your 9INE POINT Number. The 9INE POINT Number is based on ratings and reviews, insurances accepted, and engagement on the platform. It will help you quickly figure out which providers are worth your time.

What If You Can’t Get Pain Free? Have You Looked Into Your Superficial Fascia

Sometimes you can ice or stretch all you want, but a muscle is in pain because another area is not working or because it is protecting you. With the hips, for example, your back may be hurting because your psoas is doing too much work and it is also tight. The psoas may be doing too much work because your other hip flexors are not activating correctly. The chain reaction could keep going if you do not get your superficial fascia checked.

Sometimes you need the help of a sports medicine provider. Sports medicine providers are used to working with athletes that need to get results quickly, to get back on the field. If you are not an athlete, I am sure that you still want quick results.

There are many different options you can go with when looking for a provider. You could get a chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist or many other options. The key is finding someone you trust and that you are excited to work with.

How to Find The Best Healthcare Providers for Superficial Fascia Work

9INE POINT Health is the best place to find the health care providers you need for any injuries or superficial fascia work. It does not matter where you are hurting; a 9INE POINT Health provider will be able to get you healthy again. 9INE POINT allows you to find the best local providers and compare them quickly using the 9INE POINT Number.

If you have no idea what you need, but you know you need something, 9INE POINT Health is an injury guide, and you will get helped through the process. We make it easier for you to find the information and the person you are looking for.

Skills to Look for to get Excellent Superficial Fascia Work:

  • Active Release Technique
  • Graston Technique
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Dry Needling
  • Sports Background
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • And more

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