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Ep.1 The 9INE POINT Started With a Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam

Ep.1 The 9INE POINT Started With a Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam

Every great athlete started with a dream. The Started With A Dream Podcast interviews athletes and the community that supports to share their journey and stories. Unlike most sports podcast this interview series with Jacolby Gilliam isn’t about how big an athlete’s name is but about their journey. [powerpress]

Started With a Dream

Like most athletes, Jacolby had this big dream growing up about being a Division-I college athlete. Somehow he made that happen. However, it wasn’t the exciting big signing day type story, but the tear his ACL his senior year of high school, let me try to walk-on at my dream University type of story. A lot of other stuff along the way.

His story doesn’t make him special, but it’s his journey. A journey that he thought he was alone on because of the stigma that athletes are supposed to be strong and not show weakness.  He started 9INE POINT with the aspirations to spark a new platform for current and the next generation of athletes.

Basically, something he wishes he had growing up. Society always highlights the glamorous lifestyle of being an athlete but avoids talking about the ups and the downs that come as well like the anxiety or depression after a bad injury.

So why this podcast? Because it is a place for YOU to hear stories, tips, and advice from athletes from around the world just being real. While also featuring insight from the community that supports them, coaches, nutritionist, and therapists.

Some of these athletes and supporters are very well known. Some are not known at all and that’s the cool part! 9INE POINT and The Started With A Dream Podcast is the first platform giving a voice to all athletes regardless of “popularity” and the athletic community that supports them. What dream YOU may have, the ups and downs YOU are going through as an athlete, we want to make sure YOU never feel like you’re going through it alone.

Take a listen to episode 1 with 9INE POINT founder & publisher Jacolby Gilliam and all of the inspiring athletes to come.

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