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We at 9INE POINT want to do more to help the athletic community. After gaining access of a sports healthcare technology company in the summer of ’19, we knew it was time to evolve our mission. Every athlete starts with a dream but we need other factors to work together to have a fighting chance. From our mindset, mental health, the food we eat, to how we train or recover from injuries. These are all elements we will touch with 9INE POINT Health.

9INE POINT Health was created to be a resource to help protect any athlete’s Mind, Body, and Belly. No athlete should feel they have to battle any type of injury physically or mentally alone.

From asthma, fractured bones, torn ACLs, anxiety, and depression. Our team has been there. Injuries can have an impact on the course of an athlete’s life. It doesn’t matter what level if you’re a youth, high school, college, pro, or Life After Sports. We want to play a roll in eliminating the stigma for mental health.

Can you relate to the feeling of working so hard all offseason and season to have your opportunity cut short? As athletes, we no longer have to struggle with our mental health alone. Let’s continue to change the stigma. Our goal is to be your resource to provide the knowledge to keep chasing your dreams. If not, point you in the direction of someone that does.

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