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Tony Romo Injury Breakdown

Tony Romo had a wild career is the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise in the world and have earned the nickname “Americas Team.” The Cowboys also played in the state of Texas which is considered to be the football mecca of the United States of America. This Tony Romo Injury breakdown is a significant reason why the Cowboys were never able to win a Super Bowl. The team is always under immense pressure to be like the Cowboys led by Troy Aikman in the 90s, but they have never even able to duplicate that effort.

Tony Romo has had a tough act to follow and seemed like a much worse QB than his stats would suggest. The one thing people often overlook in sports though is how important it is to avoid injuries. The Tony Romo injury picture throughout his career is not a pretty one by any means. He has had to continually battle back from these injuries to get back on the field and keep fighting.

Tony Romo Injury Breakdown

What We Can Learn From All The Tony Romo Injury Breakdown

The biggest thing to take away from this for athletes, coaches, and sports fans is that the thing you should care about most is injury prevention. To stay healthy and come back from injuries it requires a focus on injury prevention. Not all of these injuries could have been avoided, but in many cases, more can be done than people think. There is a tonne of football players that have had long careers because they focused on longevity.

The Cowboys and Tony Romo fans will always be left with what if moments. If they did not get hurt could he have been the difference in some of those seasons to push them over the hump? We will never know now.

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