9INE POINT was created for every athlete that has ever had a dream. You know that vision of yourself playing professionally, with the crowd chanting your name and wearing your jersey.
Your athletic journey started with a dream and we want to help you make it a reality. Our team at 9INE POINT doesn’t want you to know what it feels like to not have college offers because you did not know how the recruiting process worked. We don’t want you to suffer an injury that sidelines longer than expected because you did not have access to injury recovery and prehab techniques. 
Lastly, when the day comes and you have to hang up your uniform we want to be there with a community of athletes to let you that you are not alone. You are far more than your athletic identity. 
Our mission at 9INE POINT is to be a positive authentic athlete-driven company that helps you achieve your version of greatness. Through engaging with these articles, magazines, interviews, recourses, and more; you are only one opportunity away.
Jacolby Gilliam 9INE POINT FOUNDER
– Jacolby Gilliam Founder & Publisher

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