Look In The Mirror – Liars Don’t Become Champions

Look In The Mirror – Liars Don’t Become Champions

Look in The Mirror – Are You Honest?

You may think you are the most honest person in the world. Other people may commend you for your honesty, but in reality, you may be a liar. The worst types of liars are the ones who don’t even know they are liars. I have a secret for you, much of my athletic career I was a liar too, but I had my eyes opened. I want to help open your eyes as well because it will allow you to accomplish so much more. When you look in the mirror all of the truth of the world is revealed.

Look in The Mirror – Who Are You?

Many of you may know of the poker player Dan Bilzerian. He is a baller on Instagram with over 20 million followers. He’s written no songs, never been on TV or any of that stuff. He has money; he has guns, he has a private jet and most of all he has girls.

No what does this have to do with being a liar or being a good athlete? Stick with me here on this.

Dan gets a lot of flack for the way he lives. He spends his money on ammunition; he sleeps with a heap of the woman, gambles, does drugs, and he puts it out there for everyone to see and want.  I could personally not live his lifestyle, and I genuinely do not want to.

I am not telling you about him because it is what I want for myself or you. He shows his true self so I respect that.

Look In the Mirror Because Here is What Most People Do:

They want to have multiple intimate relationships, but they get married and go against their true desire.

They live much of their

Want to be entrepreneurs but it is scary, so they accept that desk job that they will hate.

They want to live a grand life, but they settle for a small life.

They tell people and act like they are humble but deep down inside they are arrogant and cocky.

Look In the Mirror – Truth Has No Walls

My point is this! Truth does not bend to the standards of society. It means that if money motivates you, but maybe your parents don’t like this, you say oh well it is the only way I know to drive myself.

If you are driven by attention, but people call you cocky, you embrace it because you know it is the best way to drive yourself.

Speaking of:

Great athletes are extremely motivated. Matter fact, people who become the best at anything in this world are motivated. Before you can be motivated, you must find what motivates you.

If Dan started bending to society and not taking good trips, and flying his private jet, shooting guns and what not, he would probably mess up his entire system for motivation. He would make less money, and his whole quality of life could sink.

What is it for you?  Attention?  Money? Freedom? The list of reasons could go on, but you must make sure that it comes from inside of you and not other people. Otherwise, you are lying to yourself, and that success will not be sustainable.

Your List of Motivations Should Never Look Like This;  because my dad wants me to, because my mom wants me to, because I am trying to get back at this person

When I Started to Look In The Mirror – Where I Lied to Myself

As a kid, I always had a nasty anger streak in me, but I learned to manage my anger well once I got older. I thought my life would be better because this is what society told me right? I always believed any anger was bad.

It did not work out well for me at all! What I ended up finding out after a few bad seasons was that I am much more motivated with a tad bit of anger.  When people don’t believe in me, it makes me step up and believe in myself. I flip the script and use to empower my life.

All of the meditating and always trying to be relaxed and have a free open mind was not always the best. It had its benefits, but NONE of them came with athletic performance. I had to get back to being true to myself and finding my true self.

Look In the Mirror – How Do You Find Your True self?

Spend More Time in The Mirror!

When you brush your teeth in the morning take the time to look at yourself in the mirror. Take a good long look each morning.

Remind yourself that you control your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.

Those three things are pretty much the only three things you can always control in life. Everything else is up to debate or out of your control.

When we focus on what we cannot control, we cannot speak the truth because we are in a place of a lie.

Trying to control a sibling, or that girl that just broke up with you is a lie because you don’t and never will have that power.

But you can control you, and you really should try focusing on just that.

Nothing else works until you get this step correct. Concentrate on you, and the more you focus on you and your real thoughts the better you will be.

In the age of cell phones, we are terrified to be alone or bored now. The second there is any gap in our endless entertainment we look to our phones to fill that space.

The problem with anyone like this is that you run from your thoughts. You never get a chance to think and process your thoughts and find the truth about yourself.

Look In the Mirror –Write Down What You Want In Life

Once you get the time look in the mirror and think more about who you are and what you want, you will quickly see that you discover new things about yourself.

Now it is time to write those things down. It is time, to be honest about what you want. Warning, you will have to do this a few times. The first few times you try will still be blocked by others.

For example, You may want a big house, but your mind quickly blocks it out because your uncle told you that rich people are the devil. You then live a lie and tell yourself you want a small house. It takes the time to change these patterns.

Be as free as you can and just write down what things come to mind first. Don’t rationalize or logic your way through this. It is not the time for that.

Remember no one is going to read this. It is not for others; it is for you. If you want to live a Dan Blizerian life, then write that down. Do you want the same stuff he has minus the drugs? Then write that down. If you don’t want anything to do with him or what he does then write that down to.

There are no rules because this is about you for once in your life.

You Are The Commander in Chief

Remember that you have to live your life in its entirety. Meaning that other people can give you advice easily because they are not the ones who have to deal with the consequences.

We all do this. We throw information around about things we have no experience with, and we don’t think through the consequences because it is not our life.

Starting today, you are the chief of your life. Every day be in the skin you are in right now, so we need to embrace that.

When you look in the mirror after you remind yourself of what you control, tell yourself that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and look yourself in the eye when you do this.

This may feel very cheese but who cares. It is not for your friends or your haters to see. These are things you can do to help reveal you to you.

We all know people who know how to say the right things but never have the confidence or self-belief to go out and get things done.

Look In the Mirror and Test Yourself

There are a few ways to test yourself on your truths.

Do you switch your opinion on things quickly just to fit in with groups? Find yourself avoiding certain things you want so you don’t disappoint others? Do you have a hard time believing you can get what you want? Feel like you have no purpose?  Do you feel unmotivated more than one or two days a week?  If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then we have more work to do.

If you answered no to them all, you are well on your way, but you must stay on the path. Look in the mirror because the truth never lies.

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