Patience is a Virtue for Athletes

Patience is a Virtue for Athletes

There are two times when athletes have no patience.  If an athlete can bring themselves to understand those times when much patience is needed, they would be so much better off.

New To Training

The First is the athlete new to training hard every day. Numerous times I have seen an athlete who performed off of talent, and one day they got an idea. They said to themselves “wow I am doing well and I do not take this seriously imagine what will happen when I train hard.”

This can be a death trap for an athlete. Why, because they expect immediate success in what they are working at.

They figure because they did nothing before and now they’re working everything they do should be way better when it comes time to compete. This is far from the case.

The Weak Will Fade

For whatever reason, the hard work usually does not show until later, but only the patient athletes who genuinely believe in the work they put in gets to see this. The athlete with no patients gets flustered at first chance. They want to quit or they see no point in working hard. Only the strong survive.

Patience During an Injury

The second place where athletes show themselves having very little patience is after an injury. It is dreadful to be hurt everyone knows this, but holding your cool is a must.

The athlete that stays patient and positive always seems to have a quicker recovery.  They do not complain and make their body have even more stress, and be cancer to everyone else; they just go to work on their rehab and do whatever they can do to get better.

They’ve the understanding that it will take time but when they come back, they will be stronger because what does not kill us does make us stronger.

Too many athletes get reinjured because they did not have the patience to just sit out one more day. Huge mistake and sometimes can put an athlete back to day one.

It is all about having patience. Sometimes it is the most cold-blooded animals that win in the wild when trying to get food or trying not to get eaten. No different for humans. Sit in the background for a bit a wait for your time.

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