7 Ways to Run the Game like The Williams Sisters

I love the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus for many different reasons. Not only are they outstanding athletes but they have managed to be the richest most business savvy female athletes in the game. Their accomplishments are things every athlete should aspire to achieve in life.  They are a two woman that I believe should be studied by athletes, because they have been taking over the game both on and off the court.

1.) Taking Over Tennis

The Williams sisters are winners, end of story.  They have 20 grand slam titles between the both of them. They have developed a rivalry between them and truly have raised the level of tennis in the world.  Never mind what happens when you put the two sisters on the court for a doubles match. How about 12 grand slams and two Olympic gold medals?

2.) Savvy Business Woman

I’ll just list the stuff they have done off the court and you be the judge.  The own part of the Miami Dolphins and are the first black females to do so in the NFL.  They do plenty of charity work, they have had their own appearance deal with Nike and Puma, Serena has her own clothing line called Aneres (her name spelled backwards). Guest appearance in the Simpsons, Avatar, Sports Illustrated Swim Suit, Tampax, Gatorade, and did I mention THEY OWN A PIECE OF AN NFL TEAM.

3.) Highest Earners in the Game

They both just happen to sit at number one and two on the all-time tennis earnings list.  Serena has made over $28,000,000, while her big sister sits at over 25,000,000. Enough said.

4.) Build the Brand

 From day one of their career that is what they did. The Williams name was more than two girls playing tennis. It represented Young Black females ready to take over the world. That is exactly what they did, one commercial at a time, one win at a time, one grand slam at a time, one fan at a time.

5.) Strong Family Values

They showed that family can stick together at all times and yet be competitive.  Their parents have a lot of involvement in their careers and attend the majority of their games.

6.) The Williams Sisters Set Themselves Apart

They wear clothes that cause an uproar in the crowd. They’ve always stood out with their play and their attire, whether it was beads in their braids or the sexiest outfit they could find. It did not matter that people hated them, it just mattered that they had their attention.

7.) Hated Yet They Still Kill

 Every match they go into the crowds at the stadiums seems to want the underdog to win.  Their racy outfits and fierce will to win have managed to lose some fans and actually make them hated. They know your record never lies; they just keep on winning and stacking up the paper.

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