Brooks Beasts Running Club, Coach and Shoes

The Brooks Beasts were put on the map by US middle-distance runner Nick Symmonds. He was a Nike athlete and ended up giving up his Nikes to work with Brooks which is a smaller brand and allowed him more flexibility with his personal branding. Since that move, the professional track and field has grown and is now one of the most sought-after training groups in the country.

What is Brooks Beasts?

Brooks Beasts

The Brooks Beasts are a professional track and field group that is sponsored by the shoe company Brooks. Companies like Brooks sponsor these training groups with the goal of increasing awareness about their products, increasing sales as well as promoting the sport. The fact that people aspire to join the Brooks Beasts means that people are choosing to wear Brooks products over competitors like Nike and Addidas.

The Brooks Beasts are based out of Seattle, Washington. If you live in the area, you can catch them running in places like Magnuson Park and  Burke Gillman Trail.

Professional training groups exist because is that it is a lonely sport when you get to the professional track level. Pro track and field is nothing like high school or college track and it makes adjusting to it difficult. With high school and pro track, there is much more of a social and team aspect to it.

When you get to the pro level, it becomes all about the money. The best way to still get a bit of a team aspect is to train around people who have the same goals to help hold you accountable both on and off the track. That is what the Brooks Beasts help athletes to do, succeed at the pro track level.

Who Coaches Brooks Beasts?

Danny Mackey is the coach of the Brooks Beasts. He is a former distance runner himself and also used to run for the company when it was Hanson-Brooks. He has a Master’s degree in exercise physiology and biomechanics which he uses to help keep the group healthy and running fast. Danny has been building the team since early 2013.

Member of Brooks Beasts

The current rost of the Brooks Beast includes the following track and field athletes. These runners are all middle distance and up. The club does not currently have any other disciplines as there are no coaches for jumps, sprints or throws.


  • Garrett Heath
  • Drew Windle
  • Josh Kerr
  • Brannon Kidder
  • David Ribich
  • Izzaic Yorks
  • Dillon Maggard


  • Katie Mackey
  • Jessica Tonn
  • Allie Buchalski
  • Hannah Fields
  • Natalija Piliusina
  • Baylee Mires

*Group is subject to change based on contractual obligations between Brooks and the individual athlete. 

Brooks Beasts Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

Here is the good news about the Brooks running collection, they are better than Nike shoes and they are finally starting to look really good. Nike has always killed the shoe game because their shoes usually look the best but this is no longer the case.

Brooks shoes come in multiple sizes like most shoe companies, but they also provide more options to get the best fit. You can also buy shoes with different width and support levels so you can get exactly what you need to run fast and feel good.

How Do You Join The Brooks Beasts?

The tricky thing about doing professional track and field groups is that you need to run fast in college. That is the easiest way to get the attention of a good agent or of the coach to get into the club.

There are no shortcuts here because Brooks only wants to be presented by the best or it is a waste of their money. Athletes can receive contracts that pay pretty lucrative salaries in track and field, but that is the rare case. To be paid well like that you usually need a substantial social media following and an NCAA title under your belt.

Everything in track and field is done behind closed doors. The sport does not have much transparency, so it is hard to know precisely what is needed to be done to get into the Brooks Beasts.

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