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Ya I know I am proliferating into that guy who tries a million different things and swears by every single one. I know I apologize sincerely, this will be the last one I promise (probably not). However, this time we are going to talk about a tool that was created out of pure necessity and it is proving to be a great training tool for what it was designed for but also as an excellent fitness tool as well.

The Bulgarian bag is an excellent piece of equipment that has only recently made a big splash compared to some of the other tools I have spoken about on here. This is by no means an ancient training tool that has been used for thousands of years to develop great athletes, but I’ll wager that this thing sticks around for a long time.

What Is The Bulgarian Bag?

Ivan Ivanov is the creator of this fitness device. Many parallels to it are the carrying of farm animals on the shoulders. This tool was created out of pure necessity, with the lack of tools to effectively and efficiently train wrestlers. Ivan Ivanov is a wrestling coach and saw that his athletes were missing something. There had to be a better way to train them, and the Bulgarian bag is a was born.

It’s a crescent-shaped bag filled with sand or other materials that will make it either lighter or heavier. It has handles along the ridge, at the end of the crescent and also a set of straps for additional exercises. It is an extraordinarily versatile piece of equipment.

What Is It Used For?

This is a functional piece of equipment. It is used to develop some really good athletes. It is also a great tool for increasing athletes overall functionality. Especially wrestlers. It can be used in a variety of settings.

I believe that the newness of this tool has not shown exactly how well it can train athletes in other sports, so I believe that is still waiting to be seen.

Overall the use of a Bulgarian bag is simple. It is used to increase the potential of an athlete. It comes in a variety of weights so it can be used with the newest of athletes, the weaker athletes, females, males, strong athletes, you name it, and it can be used for them.

It’s a performance enhancing tool that can be used in sport specific applications. But not a sports particular instrument, as confusing as that last statement may be it is true. Use this tool to increase your strength and conditioning more than anything else.

What Can I Do With It?

As I have stated a few times in the last couple of paragraphs, the Bulgarian bag is an extremely versatile tool. It can be used to develop great rotational strength, counter-rotational strength, cardio fitness, and it can even be used to do conventional movements.

The strength of this tool is its versatility. Some of the tools main movements include the spin, the body throw, and the swing squat. The video below shows Bulgarian Bag creator Ivan Ivanov demonstrating some of the fundamental exercises that can be done with this fitness tool.


The Bulgarian bag is a fantastic training tool. It is not an old piece of equipment that has been passed down for centuries. But it may be a tool that is passed down from here on. It is incredibly functional, versatile, and it covers a wide variety of athletes.

This crescent-shaped tool offers a variety of exercises that can be mastered by not only wrestlers but anyone; it does not have to be a sport specific tool. It can be a tool for general fitness that also happens to be great at some sport particular applications.

In future articles, I will bring forward some other ways you can use a Bulgarian bag. I will show you how you can bring it into your training, no matter what your current sport is.

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