The 10 Best Disney Athletes

The 10 Best Disney Athletes

Disney has developed some incredible athletic role models for young girls, boys and even adults. Here are our some of our top 10 Disney Athletes.

1. Hercules.
Best Disney Athletes Hercules

Now some may say he has an unfair advantage but is it his fault that Pain and Panic didn’t give him the last drop? We think not. We will take his god-like strength and enthusiasm. There will need a leader to help cool his hot head and impulsive nature – remember his sub-par listening skills as he charged into the classic DID (damsel in distress) case with the centaur…

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Always fight to find the real you. Herc had a hard time fitting in as he grew up. He knew he was different but wasn’t sure why. He left the safety and comfort of home to go on an adventure which would eventually help him discover who he is and what he truly believes. Be willing to try new things – join a new team, take those extra lessons, spend your Saturday taking additional shots, etc.

2. Mulan.

She’s a boss. Although she may not appear to be a significant threat, her ability to see a situation from a new vantage point is killer – literally.  Not only is she incredibly selfless, but she manages to lead grown, bullheaded men into battle. She cares for others while also staying true to who she indeed is. Goals? We think so.

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Hold fast to your beliefs. Never apologize for loving someone or something intensely (sacrificial love for her father). Remain committed to excellence; progress and success will follow. Many non-athlete friends may not understand the time commitment sport requires. Don’t let anyone pressure you to give up something you love.

3. Kovu
Best Disney Athletes Kovu

Yes, he is a lion. Anyone who can survive a community singing an entire song (listens here) about how terrible you are as they banish you from their land has some incredible mental resilience. He not only wins the girl of his dream but also fights his way to a better life.

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Drop your pride and ask for forgiveness. Even when you stray from your chosen path, you can always find your way back and make a real change for the future. Anytime you have a team of people; there’s bound to be conflict. Conflict is not a bad thing; avoiding it and brushing issues under the rug creates toxic environments. Let’s be brave like Kovu and have the conversations with teams, parents, and coaches that are needed.

4. Mrs. Incredible, Elastigirl, Helen Parr

Her presence as a mother will provide a sense of safety and love for those around her. The protective instincts of momma bear are sure to kick in. Her ability to stretch and mold herself is a real tribute to her body’s resiliency.

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Be flexible. Obvious right? Beyond physical flexibility, Helen is continuously making changes to care for her family. She accepts and adapts to her family’s relocation (to protect their identity from the general public). Back to the physical for a moment – to maintain that elasticity, her diet must be great! Or at least she hydrates better than most. The world of sport is continuously changing. Can you ever know exactly how the next game will play out? Be willing to make the necessary changes to succeed.

5. Aladdin

Swift moving hands create turnovers. He is always making moves and making changes for survival. Even though some would question his character and potential harmful influence others, his heart is pure. Remember the small starving children he fed?!

What does Disney Athlete teach us? The circumstances you are born into do not have to last forever. Although he grows up alone scavenging for food and shelter, he still manages to think of others. With all the reasons to be selfish, he chooses to be honest and kind. Even when things seem unfair – playing time, who is starting, etc. – remain patient, and all work itself out in time.

6. Kristoff
Best Disney Athletes Kristoff

The poor young man sells ice for a living. Swinging an ice pick all day and delivering it to the kind, yet judgmental, people of Arendelle would be physically demanding. He was raised by magical trolls, so that’s pretty special. Plus he comes with his adorable pet Sven, and you know reindeer are better than people.

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Even if people have hurt you, it is essential to take the chance and be vulnerable to find love (beyond the romantic sense). Coaches and teammates can be some of your most significant friends and allies in life.

7. Merida
Best Disney Athletes Merida

While Merida is only 16, she already a stronger leader than most. As a daughter of an Irish king, she holds true to beliefs as she resists her family and community’s pressure to marry. Merida is a skilled bow(wo)man, a skill her father began teaching her as a young child. She also is an excellent horseman which displays both physical strength and her ability to listen. Her spirit is as fiery as her hair, and I love both.

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Stay focused. Don’t waiver. When all your friends decide to stay out late the night before a competition, say thanks for the invite, but I need my rest. Know (or be willing to learn) who you are and be confident in all aspects of your being.

8. Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)

He fights a dragon, who is an evil fairy, in one of the scariest Disney scenes. With the aid of three good fairies, Phillip takes on Maleficent with the sword of truth and shield of virtue.

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Even when the odds are stacked against you, there’s always a way to succeed. The sword of truth never dulls – what a comforting fact. Each of us can all guard ourselves with a shield of virtue in this crazy, ever-changing world.

9. Princess Kida

She’s strong. She sees her ancient people struggling and looks for new ways to live life. She nimble, leading and investigative search through a visitor’s campsite undetected. And she has healing powers.

What does Disney Athlete teach us? Women are warriors. Girls can be stoic, firm while having a gentle heart. Many girls feel they can only be one way – hard or soft. Sport and life will call on you to be a beautiful blend of strength and kindness.

10. Dash
Disney Athlete Dash

How amazing would it be to be lightning fast? But how frustrating to continually be held back? Dash must exercise more self-discipline than any other little boy his age – not say he’s perfect of course. Dash has to help protect his family’s unique situation by hiding his exceptional speed.

What does this Disney Athlete teach us? Self-discipline. There come a time and place for Dash to speed around. Unfortunately, his family had to be in mortal danger before he had an opportunity to push himself to his limits. By being disciplined, you can learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Then when the time is right, you unleash all the talents and power you possess!

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