Ep.2 How To Refind Your Purpose w/ Daniel Kirk – Australian Para-Athlete

Ep.2 How To Refind Your Purpose w/ Daniel Kirk – Australian Para-Athlete

The expectations were high, but the outcome was pretty low again. It was a ticking time bomb for when I was going to finally accept that I was not going to be able-bodied again. That my ankle was permanently damaged and I needed to find a new set of purpose and way of going about things. – Daniel Kirk

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This second episode of The Started With A Dream Podcast features Australian Para-Athlete Daniel Kirk. In this episode, Daniel Kirk talks with Jacolby about the early part of his athletic journey. The ankle injury and several attempts of joint regeneration operations that ultimately were unsuccessful. Being a football athlete (Soccer) for the majority of his life, Daniel needed to find a purpose again in sports and life. One story about a man that he didn’t even know sparked a feeling of gratitude for the opportunities he still had. Daniel would find this new purpose as a para-athlete competing in discus. With goals to represent Austraila in the next Paralympics. This episode is pack with several tips from Daniel on how to overcome an athletic injury that effects your career and how to refind your purpose after you feel you lost it.

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