Injured Gadgets You Need to Have to Get and Stay Healthy

When you are an athlete or you are working to be as active as your lifestyle will allow, you are bound to get injured at some point. That often sends you on the search for the best injured gadgets to help cope with the pain. Below is a list of some of the greatest gadgets you will get. They will help you feel great so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Injured Gadgets #1 – Foot Gym

Injured Gadgets - Foot Gym

  • One of the best foot products you can buy
  • The versatility is unreal
  • Can strengthen most muscles in lower leg and feet
  • Also comes with different resistance levels
  • Only downside is that it is not small enough to travel with

Injured Gadgets #2 – Shintek

Shintekk - Injured Gadgets

  • One of the best products you can buy to prevent shin splints
  • Simple to use and set up
  • Plastic can hurt feet if not used with shoes
  • Great addition to any weight room

Injured Gadgets #3 – Normatec

Normatec Injured Gadgets

  • Great for recovery and increasing blood flow
  • Helps legs when tired
  • Can be bulky for travel but they are well worth it
  • Cost over $2,000
  • Great for sharing with other athletes who live close by to help cut costs

Injured Gadgets #4 – Speed Coach Stim Machine

Speed Coach Stim MachineInjured Gadgets

  • Can help to maintain muscle strength without killing nervous system
  • When injured this tool can allow you to maintain your strength
  • Complicated to use
  • Need to do your research first

Injured Gadgets #5 – Foam Roller

Foam Roller Injured Gadgets

  • Having a foam roller is a must as an athlete
  • Great for promoting muscle health as well as relaxation
  • Foam roll and then stretch it out before heading to bed

Injured Gadgets #6 – 9INE POINT Health Mobile App

Injured Gadget Injured Gadgets

  • Get help with injuries on the fly
  • Learn from the healthcare providers
  • Find the best local providers
  • Find healthcare options when you are traveling

#7 – Supple Leopard

Supple Leopard Injured Gadgets

  • The book has hundreds of great stretches
  • An awesome resource for any athlete looking to stay healthy
  • Written by the guru of self-treatment

#8 KT Tape

KT TapeInjured Gadgets

  • You never know when you will need a tape job to help with an injury
  • The tape is great for being able to train and compete through minor injuries

Injured Gadgets #9 – The Stick

The Stick Injured Gadgets

  • The stick is wonderful for getting massages from other people really quickly
  • Stick comes in different sizes and strength levels so you can get as deep as you need

Injured Gadgets #10 – Fascia Blaster

Fascia Blaster - Injured Gadgets

  • The tool is marketed as a cellulite killer
  • Great for athletes as well
  • Helps with recovery and keeping muscles healthy

Injured Gadgets #11 – The Oh Ball

The Oh Ball Injured Gadgets

  • One of the best foot tools ever made
  • Size of a tennis ball
  • The firmness of a golf ball
  • Strings make sure the ball stays in place

Injured Gadgets #12 – Large Elastic Bands

Injured Gadgets

  • Great for stretching
  • Multi-use for resistance work in the gym
  • These bands are versatile and easy to travel with

Injured Gadgets #13 – A Great Healthcare Provider

Injured Gadgets-How to find a good chiropractor

  • None of these gadgets will replace the need for seeing a human
  • A healthcare provider has been trained in injury prevention
  • They can help you create a game plan for returning to health and staying healthy
  • Use 9INE POINT Health to find the best healthcare providers

Injured Gadgets #14 – Water Bottle 

Hydration Injured Gadgets

  • One of the most underrated items on the list
  • Our bodies are 70% water
  • If we are not hydrated your muscles cannot function optimally
  • You should make it a habit to carry your water bottle everywhere

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.


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