What To Do When You Have an Injured Spouse

There are many reasons why you could have an injured spouse. It could be due to a home accident, sports injury, auto accident, work accident or just general aging. You vowed to take care of this person in sickness or health. You must figure out how to take care of them and do a good job at that.

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If your spouse is an athlete, you have to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of him or her getting injured simply because people involved in sports are more prone to injuries. Even though caring for an injured spouse shows that you love them, it could be demanding and a lot of people are not prepared for the stress that will result from having to care for another person.

This article aims to outline the steps to take when you have an injured spouse to ensure that the injured spouse returns to perfect health in no time and to reduce the stress on you- the caregiver.

Injured Spouse: What Should I Do When I Notice That My Spouse Is Injured?

If your spouse is injured, take the person to see a Doctor. The doctor could be a General Practitioner who will investigate, diagnose and offer a treatment plan.It could be a sports medicine professional that you can find on 9INE POINT Health.

A General Practitioner may have to refer your spouse to a specialist like an Orthopedic Surgeon. Also, the Doctor will go ahead to provide more information to you on how to best take care of your after discharge.

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Injured Spouse: How To Care For An Injured Spouse

We will be discussing the modalities of caring for an injured spouse under the following headings:


One of your most important responsibilities will be to either assist your spouse in compliance with prescriptions. Some people might need to buy alarm clocks to help them remember to follow up on this.

You also have to go a step further by reading on the possible side effects of the drugs your spouse is using. The reason why this is important is so that you can be observant and look out for the manifestation of such side effects in your spouse.

The moment you notice any side effect, you may have to contact your Doctor immediately.


Depending on the type of injury that your spouse has, a registered dietitian may recommend a dietary change. A dietary change will help the healing process.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your injured spouse complies with changes in diet like eating more fruits and veggies.

We have also noticed that some people generally lose appetite when they are ill or injured. It is essential that you find a way to help your spouse improve their diet.


This period is quite crucial for your injured spouse as they may be in pain. You have to do everything in your ability to make them as comfortable as possible.

This may mean getting extra pillows for them or much more comfortable footwear in case of a foot injury. Also, keep the communication channel between you and your spouse open and offer them comforting words at every opportunity.

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