How to Climb The Ladder of Success to Be a Great Success

What does it take to climb the ladder of success? Everyone wants to be a great success, but very few people want to do everything that is required to get there. Success looks fun when you are looking at the rewards, but it does not sound like fun when you have to change everything about who you are to get it.  There are some things you can do that practically guarantee success if you are willing to hold on long enough.

How to Climb The Ladder of Success to Be a Great Success

Traits to Climb The Ladder of Success

Grind to Be a Great Success

There is no way around starting here with work. You must be a person of initiative and action. You have to wake up every day willing to outwork other people. The goal is to put in the work early so you can reap the benefits later. No one is going to tell you to work hard or make you do it either.

If you are looking to get around having to grind day in and out for an extended period, stop now! You don’t have the first ingredient required for success. Building 9INE POINT Health has taken years of work that no one has seen or ever will know about. If you think your dream is going to come easy, the truth is that dreams never come on discount.

Do More Than You Are Paid to Be a Great Success

A recent revelation I have had is that this is one of the most critical indicators of success. I learned it through the pain of being fired though. I had a job doing digital media work in 2016, and I did a fantastic job at it. Everyone respected me and loved my work, and it was because I was paid $35k, but I worked like I was paid $80k. I did so many things that were outside of my job title. I did not get a promotion at that job, but after that, I earned more money as a direct result of my work.

When I got to my next job, and I was making $50k and had a bonus worked into my contract, I lost sight of the do more than you are paid mindset though. I started doing less than I was paid to do. I only did what was asked of me and before you know it I was let go. When they fired me, I was not mad, because I deserved it!

If you want to succeed, do more than what you are paid to do for everything you do. If you do something for free, do it like you are being paid a million bucks. The second key here is to only hang with people who adopt this habit. Being mediocre is an illness that you cannot afford to catch from others.

Focus and Climb The Ladder of Success

We live in an ultra-busy world, and everyone is trying to do everything and be everything. The best thing that you can do now is the focus. Focus means waking up every day knowing what the most important thing that you need to do is. People often lose the battle with focus because there is always a new shiny thing to chase.

Think of focus like what a magnifying glass can do with a ray of sunshine. The usual sun cannot start a fire most of the time, but with a magnifying glass it concentrates the sun and makes the beams so intense that it sets whatever is behind it ablaze.

What is the one area in your life that would make the most significant impact if you got it right? Sit down and focus on that thing. Make sure that in everything you are doing, it is done with the type of intensity that will catch fire. Let the unfocused jump from thing to thing wondering why they never get what they want.

Work On Your Passion

A lot of people treat passion like it is love at first sight but I think that passion comes after a bit of grind. Passion comes from working at something and realizing that what you are working on is worth the effort.

The reason passion is mandatory is because it will get you through the hard stuff. When life gets hard, we tend to drop things that are not important. If you want to be a success but you want to do it without having a passion you make your road much harder than it needs to be.

Serve Others to Climb The Ladder of Success

The one thing a lot of people never think about is that most people become wealthy by serving others. When you help other people, they give you money in exchange for that service you provide. Too many people see wealth and success as taking advantage of other people but in reality that is just not true.

Developing a servant mindset is one of the most important things you can do. It goes back to doing more than you are paid to do. It is about serving other people even if it falls outside of your job description. Developing a servant mindset means that you increase your value because you are always looking for more and better ways to serve other people.

Innovate to Stay On top

The reason you need to have innovation in the brain when you climb the ladder of success is that a lack of it will bring you back to the bottom. A lack of innovation is why blockbuster fell off. They were a great success, but they were too comfortable being there.

Innovation is the difference maker and it what keeps you hungry. Change keeps you serving others. The reason a company like Amazon can stay on top is that they focus on customers and continue helping them. That mindset forces them to innovate to keep up with customers changing needs.

Persist Until You Are a Great Success

The last thing you have to do is hold on tight because it is going to be harder than you could ever imagine. Persistence is a long-term game. It is an understanding and a commitment that no matter what happens you have to grind and keep it going. You can master everything else on this list, but if you do not get this right, you will never be successful.

The reason you will never be successful is that what makes success valuable is that very few people have what it takes. Success has a way of weeding out the weak and undeserving, and it does this with trials and tribulations. It brings pain into your life, and its life wants to see how bad you want what you say you want. Once you find that thing worth fighting for you have to hold on until you win.

If climbing the ladder of success was easy everyone would do it. If being a great success was not hard everyone would be one. The value of the things you want in life comes from the difficulty in achieving those things.

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.

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