Most Bizarre Sports Part 1

Most Bizarre Sports Part 1

There are many bizarre sports nowadays, primarily because of its increasing popularity that we see on television and the internet.

According to the World Sports Encyclopedia; there are 8,000 different sports out there, and that is a lot. But if you rummage around these sports, there are some out of the ordinary and unexpected games that you may not commonly hear all the time.

Let us look at some of the most bizarre sports.

Wife carrying

Are you a man complaining about getting your wife off your back? Well, not in this sport. Wife- carrying contest is a sport in which a male competitor will race while carrying a female teammate.

wife carrying - bizarre sports

The female teammate may be your wife, your neighbor’s wife, or just someone you found further afield. She must be more than 17 years of age and weigh a minimum of 49 kilograms or 108 pounds. If she weighs less than 49 kg, she will burden with a rucksack to make up the difference.


The objective of the game is for the male competitor to carry the female through a particular obstacle track that includes sand, water, and fences in the fastest time. This sport was first introduced at Sonkajärvi, Finland and was held annually since 1992.

Two historical tales most likely inspired Wife-carrying race. A 19th-century legend has it that men stole wives from neighboring villages by carrying them on their backs as they ran away.

In a second tale, an outlaw named Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen made potential soldiers prove themselves in a race where they carried heavy sacks on their backs.

How do you play this game/sport?

While carrying your wife, the male competitor will have to go by a track that has the length of 253.5 meters or 831 feet. The surface of the track includes sections of sand, grass, and gravel. There are two obstacles to climb over, as well as a water obstacle to wade through.

This course differs from one country to another, but the original feature was a rough and rocky terrain with fences and brooks.

Several types of carriers may practice namely:

  • piggybank
  • sit on the man’s shoulders
  • fireman style which is where the wife will lay around the man’s shoulder like a snake or a boa
  • and Estonian carry which is the most popular one

In Estonian carry, the wife clamps onto her partner upside-down, with her front against the man’s back. She wraps her arms around his partner’s waist and her legs around his head and neck area.

This position works well because the weight is distributed evenly and it helps the carrier to maintain his balance while he races.

The World Wife Carrying World Championship has teams competing from Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Ireland, and the United States. This sport truly enjoys global appeal.

One rule

One rule set by the International Wife Carrying Competition Rules Committee is that all participants must enjoy themselves. Who wouldn’t especially when the waiting prize is a beer that is equal to your wife’s weight?

Bizarre Sports Egg throwing or Egg tossing

Have you ever felt the delight when someone tried to catch a tossed egg and failed?

egg throwing - bizarre sports

Well, that is what this sport is all about.

Egg throwing competition aims for a team of two to throw and catch an egg without breaking it over the longest distance. One member of a two-person team tosses an egg to another. If the egg does not break, they step apart, and they repeat the toss  until the egg breaks.

In one version of the game, the idea is to toss an egg, so it falls on the ground without breaking.

In Germany, children invented a way to spin the egg during the toss so that it lands on its tip still spinning. The world record egg throw was established on November 12, 1978, at Jewett, Texas when Johnny Dell Foley from Texas threw a fresh egg 323 feet and 2 inches or 98.51 meters to his cousin Keith Thomas.

During World Egg Throwing Federation World Championship 2017, the team composed of Robbie Hollander and Nick Hornstein from New Zealand took the World Record with a distance of 81 meters or 265.74 feet.

The World Egg Throwing Federation championship is being held annually in Swaton, England. All eggs used in the competition are stockpiled from local, happy and free-range resources are being selected from those classified as not fit for consumption.n selected from those classified as not fit for consumption.

Bizarre Sports – Toe wrestling

I’m sure you’ve heard about arm wrestling, but toe wrestling?

toe wrestling - bizarre sports

Want to face your enemy toe to toe? Then the toe wrestling may be the sport just for you.

Toe wrestling is a sport involving two opponents who lock feet and attempt to pin each other’s foot down. Players must link toes, and each player’s foot must touch flat on the other person’s foot. They will challenge to pin the other’s foot for three seconds for three rounds. Rounds are played first with the right foot, then left, and right again if necessary.

There are separate men and women’s divisions. The World Toe Wrestling Championship has been ongoing since the 1970’s and enjoys growing participation. The World Toe Wrestling Championship has held annually at Bentley Brook Inn in England.

Have you heard of these games?

It may sound out of the ordinary, but people who are joining these sports take it seriously and even undergo exercises necessary to prepare themselves physically and mentally for it. Why not try these games or sports if you have the chance?

These international sports may be considered as bizarre, but they all look like it would be fun to play! See which sports made Most Bizarre Sports Part 2

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