Online Success Strategies – Turning Passion Into Profit Online

Before you jump into trying to make money online, it is essential that you learn the online success strategies. The internet is a crowded place, and when you start a business, it can feel hopeless in getting the attention you need to be successful. To succeed, it is more about becoming the right person and applying the correct knowledge than it is about having the right idea. If you want to be a success, you have to do what successful people do, and these strategies will help to carry you.

The Path to Online Success Strategies Starts With Passion

If you are going to succeed in any endeavor the first thing that you need is a passion for what you are doing. If you do not get this right, nothing else will work. Let go of the idea of making money for a second. Great things do not start with money on the heart. Great things start because you see a problem that needs to be solved and you can do the best job of explaining it.

It’s hard to tell with these Internet startups if they’re really interested in building companies or if they’re just interested in the money. I can tell you, though: If they don’t really want to build a company, they won’t luck into it. That’s because it’s so hard that if you don’t have a passion, you’ll give up. – Steve Jobs

If you don’t care about what you are doing, in the end, you will not prove strong enough to survive. Companies are built to last because they have a mission behind them that is worth fighting for. With 9INE POINT Health that mission is to make it easier for people to find the right healthcare providers for their needs. For Facebook, the mission is to connect the people of the world. These are things that founders care about so deeply that they will risk it all to accomplish it.

Online Success Strategies – Build Something People Love

Online Success Strategies - iphone love

There is no getting around creating a product that people crave. It does not matter if you are creating a new blog, the social network or even an insurance company because the same principle applies. The product must be great. When the product is excellent, you can move on to other steps but until you get this right nothing else matters.

The reason is that you can spend all your time buying ads or asking people to try your product, but if they do not like it they do not like it. There is not much you can do after that. If people know of you and they don’t like you, then your focus needs to be on creating something people do love.

Once people love your offering, then it becomes about getting more people to know of you. Buiding a great product is the number two success strategy for a good reason. Don’t skip this step or think you can buy your way past this.

Online Success Strategies – Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is important but it often hurts because you want your product to be for everyone. There is no way to serve everyone though. If target everyone first you will get no one. If Facebook started for everyone, they would have failed, but instead, they did this.

Facebooks Expansion Strategy 

  • Harvard Students Only
  • Ivy League Students Only
  • All Colleges Across the USA
  • Workplaces
  • International
  • Open to All

The point is that you need to choose a particular customer to go after first so that you can dominate that market share quickly and get a lot of market penetration. Once you dominate that market share, then you can move on to a bigger target market and keep working your way to the masses.

Online Success Strategies – Focus On Customer Feedback

The reason Amazon is the monster it is because they focus on the customers. Jeff Bezos does not care what the competition is doing because they never give them money anyway. The money comes from the customers, and they are never satisfied so neither should Amazon employees.

You have to keep the same hunger within your business. This online success strategy is another non-negotiable. If you miss this, you will fail. The reason you will fail is that the people who give you their money will give their money to a customer who does a better job of listening. Customers are NOT loyal, and they will leave you without thinking twice.

Online Success Strategies – Don’t Forget About The Boring SEO

Google is a billion dollar monster for a reason. When people need something, they start with Google, and you need to be one of the sites that shows up. Here is the problem though. Working on search engine optimization takes time, patience and it is not sexy work. It is a grueling grind that gives you very little upfront validation like social media can.

It may not fit into your strategy for success right now, but it is at least worth considering. What SEO will do is bring you predictable traffic. Social media does not bring as much anticipated traffic because the clicks all come down to how impressive the titles are. With SEO a certain amount of people search keywords every month and it is your job to make sure you are on that first page.

Online Success Strategies – Focus On One Social Media Channel

Online Success Strategies - Social Media

Most people make a mistake in trying to dominate every social channel at once. This can be done if you focus in on the one that will have the most impact. Depending on your product and your audience there will be a social media channel that will have more impact than others. Put your time there and dominate. That is not to say that you can not are on each social media channel, but you focus on one at the time as you build each up.

Online Success Strategies – Build a Stellar Team

You cannot do it all alone. You may be able to start it all alone, but you will eventually need to find people with different talents than the ones you have. When you build a team, you can focus your time in a new area until you can find someone to help in that place. Having a team will help you to grow faster.

The important thing about growing a team is that it gives you a chance to prove yourself as an entrepreneur. Can you sell your vision of where this thing you are starting will be in the future? Can you find people with the right talents or will you find a bunch of people like yourself? Here is a great chance to prove you can get this right.

Online Success Strategies – Remember That Obstacles Are Temporary

Online Success Strategies - Roadblocks

There will be a tonne of different obstacles and things that come up. How will you respond when they do? Being persistent is not just an online success strategy, but it is a strategy to succeed in life. Obstacles are temporary! They never last and if you have a long-term view of what you do, you will start to notice that the bad things in life roll off of your shoulder.

When you are dead set on succeeding the first thing that you notice is that even bad things can have positives. If you are willing to dig deep enough and get past the initial shock, you will see that you can use it to your advantage. If this is not right companies like Netflix would have never been able to take down Blockbuster. They were able to because they found the power in being small and nimble and used it to their advantage. How will you use your weakness to your advantage?

KHO Health was acquired by was acquire by 9INE POINT in the summer of 2019 and is now referred to as 9INE POINT Health.


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