Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body

You have probably heard the quote that pain is weakness leaving the body and wondered, what does this mean? Coaches say this to athletes all of the time, and no one ever understands what it is talking about. If taken out of context it can lead to injury and have negative consequences. When the words pain is weakness leaving the body are grasped and well understood, they can be used for greatness.

Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body – What These Don’t Mean

These words do not mean that all pain is a good thing. As an athlete, you may hear this and think you have some crazy superpowers and you can fight through anything. That foot that has been bothering you every time you run is not weakness leaving the body. That is a real pain that is trying to tell your brain that you need to do something different or this injury will get worse.

When you interpret this quote wrong instead of weakness leaving the body your season ends up leaving your body. You push yourself through things that you should have stopped for. Part of being great is learning when to fight another day. The workout today is NEVER worth risking the season for.

It takes months of pain to come back from a lot of injuries. The little bit you gain in mental toughness will be lost by sitting on the sideline. What you gain in fitness by finishing the workout will also be lost once you have to miss workouts. If you are physically hurting than pain is often not weakness leaving the body.

Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body -What These Words Mean

The pain is referring to when you are tired of going forward. When you are working out, and you have one last rep, but you are dead tired and you decide to get up and finish. You get stronger, and that weakness leaves you because you gain the confidence in yourself that you can do it and be better.

When you are tired of what you are working towards whether it is school, sports or any other dream and you keep going you reap the greatest benefits. Pain is just weakness leaving the body when you keep fighting. That thing that makes you want to stop dissipates over time.

The pain that is being talked about is more about a mental pain than it is a physical one. You may feel something physically, but it is only because there is a battle going on in the mind. The mind keeps telling you that you are not strong enough and that you can’t do it. It is up to you to decide whether you have what it takes or not.

Pain is Just Weakness Leaving the Body –  Success Strategies

Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body – Remember Why You Started

When you feel the pains of life, you have to remember the reason you got started in the first place. You may think this sounds cheesy, or cliche but all great truths are simple, or they would not be great truths.

We start working towards goals because we see an individual life for ourselves but when things start to get hard, we tend to forget that. Maybe you want a scholarship because your mom has worked hard and you want her to not worry about paying for college. When you get an injury in the season, and you want to throw in the towel you have to remember how

Tip – Write your goals down and the reasons you want to accomplish them. Review these goals first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body – Separate The Physical Pain From The Mental Pain

You have to know when you are dealing with mental struggles to when you are dealing with physical pain. Being tired is a psychological pain because you are never as tired as your brain thinks you are. Your mind is lazy and it will do anything to convince you not to work hard.

Physical pain is when you are running, and something starts to hurt badly. You are limping and not sure what is going on. This pan will lead to further issues, and as stated above, you do yourself no favors pushing through the physical pain.

Most of the time it is a mental pain though. Pain is fear leaving the body because many times you are just afraid to be great. You know pushing through the pain is possible but mentally you are fearful of actually reaching your full potential.

Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body – Take Recovery Seriously

You have to do everything you can to recover both physically and mentally. Pain is weakness leaving the body and recovery is a renewed strength coming back to it. The weakness can go, but if it is not replaced by something stronger, you are in trouble.

For mental focus, you need to practice daily meditation. There is no better way to improve your health, concentration, and help yourself to relax in any situation. The second way to recover mentally is to get away from whatever you are doing for a bit every day. Sucess requires obsession, but sometimes you are so obsessed you never take 10 minutes to walk away from it.

For physical recovery, you need to pay attention to the methods that work the best. Getting treatment from a healthcare professional tends to be a favorite for many athletes. Get an hour massage can go a long way in helping the mind and body to recover.

Other Considerations for Physical Recovery 

Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body – Compare Yourself With Only Yourself

Sometimes you can push yourself to a crazy extent only because you are trying to keep up with what you think others are doing. The best way to fight this is to compare yourself today to the person you were yesterday. As long as you see improvement in that category, there is less pressure to keep pushing yourself.

A comparison is the thief of joy! If you want to kill something quickly compare it to someone else. Being an athlete is about competition, so it is easy to compare but the only time you should is the scoreboard. Otherwise, the only person you need to best is yourself.

Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body – Live to Fight Another Day

A key to succeeding at any endeavor is knowing that you cant put all your chips in all of the time. High-risk, high reward living every day will eventually get you killed. The best thing you can sometimes do is make it one more day. To survive another day, another week, another month and another year keep you fighting, and it gives you more chances to succeed.

If giving your all today puts the goals you have written down in jeopardy then it is probably not worth it. If succeeding today is an absolute must for reaching your goals then it is worth risking it all for. Knowing the difference between these moments will keep you in it for the long run. At the moment it won’t feel like the pain is leaving the body. It may feel like you are inviting in more, but you have to keep fighting.

Pain is weakness leaving the body. 

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