Running At Night – Pros And Cons You Should Consider

Why would anyone want to start running at night as opposed to running during the day? Night running has a lot of advantages just like running during the day. It all depends on the person though. Some people have more energy and increased motivation at night. Some people work the night shift or do not have the time any other day.

In this article, we will be examining the advantages and disadvantages of running at night and the end; you will be able to decide for yourself if you want to be a day runner or a night runner.

What Is The Point of Running at Night?

There are certain individuals who have realized that they prefer to run when it is dark instead of during the day.

A lot of them have their reasons for choosing the night time as their running time, and we will be discussing some of these reasons in the remaining parts of this article.

Running At Night – What Are The Benefits?

It Is Cooler At Night

Especially if you live in a temperate region where running in the day could be tiresome due to the heat of the sun, then night running might be the key to an active running lifestyle.

Weight Loss

For people who run because they want to lose weight, running in the night can help because it helps to control your diet and makes it difficult to indulge in late night snacks. When people run at night, they tend to eat healthier.

Less Traffic

If you live in an urban area and you run during the day, the traffic might be a bit of an inconvenience. The horns and constant car movement can distract you from focusing on the run.

Your Body Is Ready To Take On More Exercise In The Night

A University in North Texas has published research which indicates that the human body consumes more oxygen later in the day. This means that people that exercise at night can push the limits of their bodies more than people who exercise during the day.

Running at Night Is More Exciting

There is something about the atmosphere at night. Maybe it is the mystery, but you suddenly realize that your heart is beating faster and that you are more excited. Running doesn’t have to be boring, so if you are trying to spice up your running life, then you can try out running at night.

Running At Night – What Are The Cons?

Despite the advantages of running at night that we have listed above, it also has some disadvantages. Some of which are:

Risk Of Injury

Since visibility is reduced at night, there is a chance that you may run into someone thereby injuring yourself or the person in the process. Also, if you live in a community with poor lighting, it might not be advisable for you to run at night.

It Can Disrupt Digestion

Running in the night may affect you if you are the type to have a heavy meal before running. It can disrupt the process of food digestion.

You Can Get Robbed

If you are in a community where crime is prevalent, it is better if you stick to running during the day as running at night might make you a victim of night crime.

Running At Night and Injuries

The chances of getting hurt at night increase because it’s harder to see where you are going. Many people suffer ankle sprains while running at night. If you do experience an injury, start your search for help on 9INE POINT Health.

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