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Great Shoulder Injury Exercises For Athletes

I have had my fair share of shoulder injury workout issues in my football career. It was not uncommon to have an impingement here, a stinger there. That was just the nature of the sport. However, it does not diminish the fact that a shoulder injury is quite debilitating. It causes many issues with football players or athletes of any sport. I have come up with some shoulder injury exercises I used to help keep the shoulder strong but also aid in any recovery that may be needed.

Band Shoulder Injury Exercises

A resistance band is great for shoulder injury exercises. You can do so much with a resistance band. You can use it to make the top portion of a lift harder (accommodating resistance) or you can use it on its own. For me, I would tie it to a post and work on various shoulder movements. Finding what hurt and what didn’t hurt and working from there.

Hang In There Shoulder Injury Workout

Hanging is a great way to reset the shoulder joint. This is one of the awesome shoulder injury exercises that you wouldn’t even think is for your shoulders. If you are an overhead athlete. If you are pressing overhead or doing handstands push ups often you will benefit greatly from hanging. When you are overhead pressing or constantly putting pressure on the joint you can cause some impingement problems as well as cause some structural damage. However, hanging will act as a decompression on your joint. It will help move the tissues back to a normal length. The bones will be put back into a good spot as well. Hanging is limited to grip strength so using a pair of straps may allow you to get the most for your shoulder injury workout.

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Strengthen The Cuff

The shoulder cuff muscles are extremely important for overall shoulder health. They include the SITS muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.) There are also a bunch of muscles that surround these muscles that make up the whole system. Adding in a variety of shoulder injury exercises that focus in on the shoulder cuff muscles will help with both rehab as well and prehab of any injuries in the shoulder. Internal rotation, external rotation, stability work including rapid contraction.

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